Sunday, March 12, 2017

NYTimes: Race War Now!

The Cathedral is an engine of racial hatred. Steve Sailer has the latest example:

Don't Mention the Asians! NY Times vs. NY Post in Covering Who Gets Into Selective High Schools

The NYTimes writes an article, "Diversity Lags as Students Are Matched With City Schools." The article says blacks and Hispanics are under represented, never mentions the word Asian. Implication: white racism.

The NYPost writes on the same topic, "Asian kids dominate admission to city’s elite high schools." Asians are 52.5% of students, whites only 28%. New York City was 44% white in 2010.

Why wouldn't the NYTimes mention Asians? Because the purpose of their article is to foment racial hatred. If they run The Narrative with Asians in the mix, the article will read as anti-Asian.

If you point out the under representation of whites, the Cathedral responds that whites are losers or "wow, you sound just like black people complaining about racism." They will not address the fact that their arguments are framed to maximize racial hatred of whites.

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