Tuesday, March 21, 2017

NYC Is An International City

Boost in Ridership Leaves New York’s Penn Station Platforms Packed
In 2016, average weekday boardings at Penn Station numbered 94,859 people, up from 92,314 in 2015 and 87,130 in 2014, according to Nancy Snyder, a NJ Transit spokeswoman. Each weekday, about 57,000 NJ Transit customers use Penn Station platforms between the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., according to Nancy Snyder.

Compounding the frustration: Several sets of closed stairwells connecting the platforms with the concourse are gated shut, not yet ready to open. On many mornings, platforms are so crowded that commuters line up inside the trains, waiting to step out.
Gas prices are falling, not rising over this period. What did increase was the number of Asians (including Indians and Pakistanis) who don't mind being packed like sardines. In a free market, the people who are willing to pay the highest price, which in this case is to tolerate discomfort and crowding, determine the "market price." The NYC subway system is being assimilated. Add in the high cost (in time and money) of regulations that slow new construction, and you have a nightmare for white people.

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