Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Cathedral Strikes Back: Madness!

U.S. lawmakers push for answers on Trump team's Russia ties
But Republican Trump critics including Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham voiced fresh consternation. Adding to the pressure were comments by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, who has been a Trump supporter.

Corker said the Russia issue was threatening Trump's agenda on foreign affairs and domestic matters like healthcare and tax policy. He questioned whether the White House was able to stabilize itself and said Flynn should testify before Congress.

"Let's get everything out as quickly as possible on this Russia issue," Corker told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program. "Maybe there's a problem that obviously goes much deeper than what we now suspect."
Ha ha! Holy shit that is how you gaslight a conservative Republican Senator in America!

Republicans Fret Over Slow Pace of Congress Early in Trump Term
Complicating matters, Republicans are getting ambushed almost every day by the news blitz from the Trump White House, particularly the revelations that intelligence agencies and the FBI are examining the extent of contacts Trump’s advisers had with Russia during and after the 2016 campaign. Calls for Congress to more exhaustively look into Russia’s involvement in the elections could further slow the policy agenda, lawmakers say.

“It is a distraction,” said Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker, adding that it takes the focus off other important issues like overhauling the tax code. “It takes away from other efforts. We have a job to do here, it’s important and it matters to people. There’s no question that all the activity around Russia right now is a distraction.”
Perhaps the Left is gaslighting itself again. It looks like every story is quoting the same few cucks. On the other hand, the first 100 days are historically the most important of a new administration. If the MSM can convince everyone that investigating the Duke lacrosse rape case, I mean the UVA rape case, I mean George W. Bush's Texas air national guard service, I mean the Russian connections is the most pressing issue, then perhaps nothing will get done. As we stretch later and later into 2017, Congressmen start worrying about their election in 2018 and they shy away from controversial areas such as healthcare. Plus, some of these votes will require dealmaking, for example deficit hawks want spending cuts from somewhere (probably Obamacare) and Democrats want infrastructure. Trump has an majority agenda that can bring in enough support if he moves it through as a package.

The American government, for the moment, is ground to a halt because of MSM lies. A good parallel to the Russian connections story is Pizzagate. If the MSM went after Pizzagate with the full fury it is pouring into the Russia story, the American people would believe DC is full of pedophiles. Bob Corker would be searching the Senate cloackroom for pedophiles. There would undoubtedly be at least one or two Congressmen with a strange relationship to a page or intern. Even if wholly innocent, the media could spin it.

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