Sunday, February 12, 2017

No More Metaphors: Mexicans Announce They're Invading the USA

“We Are Here To Fight” - Mexican Migrants Said To Prefer Arrest Over Deportation
Meanwhile, following yesterday's report that Mexicans are planning on "jamming US courts" as deportations are set to surge, today the WSJ writes that all but one of about 50 undocumented Mexican migrants at a meeting Saturday indicated they would rather risk detention and long court battles in the U.S. than return to Mexico voluntarily. The majority of migrants at the meeting in Phoenix, which included Mexican officials, signaled in a show of hands that they were ready to fight deportation in U.S. courts.

“Even if that means detention for weeks?” asked former foreign minister Jorge Castaneda.

“Even if it takes months,” shouted one woman. “Even if it takes years,” another yelled. “We are here to fight.”
Nobody expects war with Mexico, but Mexico also doesn't think America will fight a war. Hence the escalation. Mexican politicians in the United States say they will join with Mexican nationals in America, in fighting the U.S. President.

The media is trying to play up this battle, but their straight reporting will probably backfire because most Americans do not like hearing foreigners scream that they have the right to tell Americans what to do. Even if it doesn't change the percentage breakdowns of those for and against illegal immigration, this will harden the position of conservakins and normies who will become fed up at the sight.

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