Friday, February 17, 2017

Black Genocide in Detroit

Back to the endless well at The Economist. How immigrants are helping Detroit’s recovery
“WE ARE proud of our Muslim community in Michigan,” says Rick Snyder, the state’s Republican governor, sitting in his office in the grandiose Cadillac Place, the former headquarters of General Motors. Ever since his first state-of-the-state address in 2011, Mr Snyder has emphasised the importance of welcoming people from across the world to this large midwestern state. Thanks to once-plentiful jobs in the car industry, greater Detroit has the largest Arab-American community in America. Almost half the population of Dearborn, a suburb that is home to Ford Motor Company, is from the Middle East. Hamtramck, another Detroit suburb, is the first city in America with a majority-Muslim city council.
It is known that throughout the world, where you find auto plants, you will find Arabs. Everyone knows the Middle East's #1 export is autos.
In his most recent state-of-the state address last month, the governor set the goal of reaching 10m state residents again in the next three years. He proudly pointed out that, in the past six years, Michigan had gained 50,000 new people. “Immigrants account for all of that population growth,” explains Steve Tobocman, head of Global Detroit, a non-profit organisation promoting immigration.
Republican governor. Gibs me dat GDP!
Three years ago Mr Snyder created the Michigan Office for New Americans, with the aim of attracting skilled and entrepreneurial immigrants.
Republican governor.
The statistics are encouraging. Immigrants create businesses at triple the rate of American-born residents. Between 2011 and 2015, 63% of adult immigrants to Michigan had a college degree. Immigrants still represent only 6% of the state’s population, but 33% of high-tech firms created there between 1990 and 2005 have at least one immigrant founder. Many of them set up shop in newly trendy downtown Detroit.
There is not one drop of wine in that statistical sewage. A lot of immigrant businesses are started to serve the immigrant community. The Arab-speaking immigrants go to Arab-speaking restaurants, dry cleaners, day care, etc. If you think American college degrees are a joke, many foreign degrees are worse. Who are the immigrants starting high-tech firms? I'm guessing Far, not Middle, East.

Immigration fetish. I don't know how else to describe such gleeful displacement of natives.

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