Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Progressive Pain Begins

Progressives are in for an amygdala overload as the world stops making sense under Trump. Things they are used to getting away with, cultural and social faux pas that were allowed by cuckservatives, will no longer be allowed under Trump. Knowing why it isn't allowed won't always be clear. It might be because the Trump admin shuts it down. It might be because they get punched back, and don't like it. Or it might be because they recalculate how they behave in a world where getting punched back is a possibility.

The National Park Service tweeted side-by-side photos of Trump and Obama's inauguration. The National Park Service had all its Twitter accounts shut quickly thereafter by the Washington office.

Progressive think this is because Trump is thin-skinned. They also don't see anything wrong with government offices reporting facts, even if those facts are politically charged. Such as if DHS or ICE posted "today's crimes committed by illegal aliens" everyday.

What they can't imagine yet, is that someone inside NPS might not want to make NPS look like a hyper partisan organization with Republicans in total control of government, led by a reform-minded Trump. Even if they did think of it, they would blame Trump for creating a climate of fear.

National Park Service Banned From Tweeting After Anti-Trump Retweets [Updated]

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