Monday, January 30, 2017

More Street Protests Please

White Nationalism is signaling against White Privilege. The more the Left speaks of White Privilege, the more White Nationalism grows. The more the Left is seen as a threat, the more the Alt-Right grows.

The Left keeps the KKK around and even staffs it with the FBI. It delivers a very high ROI.

The Civic Nationalists and Alt-Light have a different victory condition than the Alt-Right. The former are happy if the Left is boxed in. If they stop hearing White Privilege, they think they've won. They thought they won when the Soviet Union disintegrated. They ignored the Left carrying on exactly the same program under a new brand.

If marching in the streets makes the Alt-Lite more uncomfortable than Muslim immigration, then ban Muslim immigration. It creates more street protests and the Alt-Lite demands Trump do more. This is the sweet spot. When the Alt-Lite is terrified of or angry at Leftists, the Alt-Right can advance the agenda.

If Trump isn't causing street protests, he isn't trying.

A "Color Revolution" Is Under Way In America

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