Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cathedral Hacked By 4Chan Trolls

Update: The latest on the Trump dossier is that the source remains unknown, but it was part of the intel briefing.
Intel Vets Say Trump ‘Dossier’ Is A ‘Complete Fraud’
“From my personal standpoint and my thorough review of this document, I have deemed it a complete and total fabricated fraud,” said Col. James Waurishuk (Ret.), a 30-year veteran who worked for the CIA’s Assymmetric Warfare Task Force. He also served on the White House National Security Council.

“For me, it is hard to believe how anyone who claims to know anything about intelligence operations, propaganda and disinformation would believe anything in it,” Waurishuk said.
‘Trump’s Right’ — Intel Community Has Treated Him Like ‘Garbage’

It appears the "intel community" (sounds suspiciously like "black community") didn't believe the document, but some official part of it included the document in their report. It still casts doubt on the entire Russian "hacking" story. When prosecuting a strong case, you do not include questionable information (witnesses) because it casts doubt on the charge.

The claim that trolls created the document is unsubstantiated, but the incompetence or malfeasance of team Blue from the "intel community" is still the biggest story.

Original post:

The "fake news" meme is quickly spiraling out of control. We are in the middle of an information war and many people are getting lost in the fog of war. I saw Chris Christie on Fox News this morning complaining about Internet sites publishing nonsense. Now, this is true if the document is newer, and given to CNN to troll them, and reported as being something new and true. But if the document is older, and the channer claims are true, then BuzzFeed did everyone a service by publishing a document that was the basis for the Russian hacking intelligence report. (And to its credit, even BuzzFeed was dubious.)

As I understand the latest claims (as of January 11, 2017), the Russian "hacking" story pushed by intelligence agencies, the Obama admin, Democrats and the mainstream media, may in fact be sourced to a fake document created by channers and specifically designed as a joke aimed at Rick Wilson, a political consultant, not as a serious attempt at fooling intelligence agencies. Senators McCain, Schumer and others may have seen this document and treated it as real. The CIA treated it as real and it might even be the basis for the entire "Russian hacking" story.

Here Is The Full 35-Page Report Alleging Trump Was "Cultivated, Supported And Assisted" By Russia

4Chan Claims To Have Fabricated Anti-Trump Report As A Hoax

This is a real story and a huge one, but it's not about Trump or Russia. The news is that much of USG, the Democrat Party and the MSM, aka significant portions of the Cathedral, are controlled by online trolls. I would guess 20- or 30-something, maybe a little older, maybe even a very bright 15-year old, has been "in charge" of the Cathedral for 2 months. For two entire months, the Cathedral soaked up the nation's time with a hoax, a hoax so blatantly obvious that even left-wing media sites doubted the veracity of the document. I assume most right-wingers were like myself, and doubled over in laughter while reading it.

The document also reveals the complete incompetence of USG, US Senators and intelligence agencies. Even if you believe Russia wanted to influence the presidential election, no one with a basic understanding of US politics would think the Russians constructed a Rube Goldberg political machine that required multiple extremely small probability events to occur in succession. If they wanted to influence the election, they would try to influence an established politician. Or to flip it around, you would have to believe Russia has a deeper understanding of America and the American people than pretty much the entire American establishment and even most of the American public. Russia understands America better than about 90-99% of Americans, it would mean America is already a Russian vassal state controlled by the FSB. Our elections are like WWF events, right now some FSB low level agents are planning our 2020 election. Some low level flunky in Russia picked Trump because he thought it would be more entertaining, or to show off the depth of Russian control. IF you believe this, it doesn't sow doubt about the electoral system, it would cause you, if you were a Senator, to wonder if your own election was controlled by the FSB.

I cannot fathom how a respected US Senator, who sits on an intelligence committee, could believe this document. I cannot fathom how anyone inside of an intelligence agency could believe this report. There's no wiggle room, the document is completely fake (down to the supposed British author referring to "soccer" instead of "football"). Now, it may come out that this document is a later fabrication, that Senators McCain and Schumer didn't hand it to the CIA, that it was a January 2017 troll aimed at CNN. If so, then I retract the above. If not, everyone who believed this document must resign from government immediately. Anyone in the media who reported this in a way other than straight reporting of "this is the document the government is basing its Russian hacking claims on" must also resign.

If the channer claims are true, this is way bigger than the fake WMD story. That was a professional creation of fake intelligence, and it was aided by the Saddam regime that wanted Iran to believe it had WMDs, and Saddam enemies who wanted him taken out by the U.S. In this case, it is an absurd claim created out of whole cloth, possibly by a complete amateur. This is an extreme fail, it will shake confidence in USG to the core, including the confidence of adversaries who expect the United States to behave rationally.

Update: Jim takes a different view in Trump against the spooks, seeing malfeasance instead of incompetence:
Some of the spy agencies are loyal the red empire, some to the blue. I have reason to believe that Five Eyes and No Such Agency are loyal to the red empire, but it is mighty hard to tell, because, hey, they are secret.

However the people that have been overthrowing regimes are totally blue agency. You can tell that tree is poisonous from its poisoned fruit.

And this apparatus, the apparatus that destroys regimes, is now turned against Trump. The story that Trump had golden showers in Moscow was reissued to the press, given authority, and made into news, by the organization that briefs him that it was Putin that stole the Democrats emails and gave them to Wikileaks to publish.

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