Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Autism Kills Populism

Back during the Nazi Panic:
Americans hate Nazis, Communists and Anarchists. Communism is foreign cancer from Europe, as is Nazism and Anarchism. The Amerikaner far-right thinks the mistake of WWII was Truman didn't give Patton the atomic bomb and let him march a reformed German army into Russia, that McCarthy failed in wiping out communists in America. America didn't kill too many Nazis. America killed too few communists.

The Right needn't punch right, but the goal is not rehabilitating Nazis, it's to punch the commies out of America.
When you like something because your enemy hates it, it doesn't make you free. It makes you the slave of your enemy. You are reacting to him, not behaving independently. The Left locks on to the Nazi meme because it is unpopular. Americans don't like Nazis and people on the left and right will call their enemies Nazis. You might as well try to rehabilitate the image of the New York Yankees in Boston.

Or stop people from saying Kleenex, Google or Xerox. Those are brand names that have become generic terms for tissues, searching and photocopying. The term Nazi is in some sense a generic term because there are no actual Nazis around. The gas chamber meme is funny and effective because it brings the Nazi charge back to its origin. If you're calling your enemy "literally" Nazis, you're making an extreme charge. The gas chamber meme highlights the insanity of the left, it is agree and amplify, except in this case you aren't amplifying anything. The gas chamber meme is a mirror on the leftist mind. When you argue against affirmative action, or for reasonable immigration controls, the leftist mind goes to gas chambers. The rabbit within comes out and as soon as they sense being out-grouped, they imagine their (social?) death. To the non-leftist, this is insane. When you come back at them and ask for something specific, and they can only sputter Nazi, you are winning.

Most of the time, Leftist ideas should be quarantined. Look at them going insane over Trump, some progressives fear nuclear war between Russia and the USA at the very same time they believe Trump is Putin's puppet. There are people crying themselves to sleep because they believe Trump is literally Hitler. They are not emotionally stable, or rational. Behaving in reaction to them is not a winning strategy. Those on the Alt-Right playing up Nazism too much are making the same mistake as the Randoids who play up the market and economics in the face of Marxism.

Vox: The Right Alternative
None of this will have any effect on the rise of the Alt-Right; the media's attempt to paint us as National Socialists will only build interest in us and sabotage their own credibility because their claims are observably false. Which, of course, is precisely why they are afraid to run my answers to their own questions about the Alt-Right. Indeed, the mere disclosure of an interview I did today would be sufficient to shatter their false Narrative like a nuke in a Waterford Crystal factory.

We don't need to dance for the media to win. We don't need to play-act or engage in theatrics. We need to do nothing more than speak the truth without fear. Liberalism has failed. Conservatism has failed. Neoconservatism has failed. Communism has failed. Secular liberal democracy has failed. Multiculturalism has failed. Feminism has failed. Progressivism has failed.

The Alt-Right is the Right Alternative.
The more the Cathedral paints their enemies as Nazis, the better. The more the Alt-Right says "I don't care" or plays with Nazi imagery in order to heighten the Cathedral's panic, the better. Nazism is a dead movement, precisely why it is hilarious that the left fears it. The one thing the Cathedral needs more than anything right now are real Nazis. Or FSB agents in the Alt-Right.

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