Friday, January 06, 2017

Anti-White Jihad

The racial terrorists in Chicago are not only responding to the media's anti-Trump and anti-white tirades of the past 18 months. That is the proximate cause of the incident because it exacerbated tension and excited passions, but the root cause is a generation of anti-white (and anti-Christian, etc.) propaganda put out by the Cathedral. Before a child even starts Kindergarten, they are taught these messages on TV, a soft form of inclusiveness and diversity that is later flipped to "white man the devil" if not before, then when they are in university. This propaganda is increasingly hateful as time goes by because Cthulhu swims left, but also because the population of minorities is growing and creating their own narratives. So if you think today is bad, tomorrow will be worse, at least until the signal is cut or countered.

Islamic terrorists tend to be dumb. Most plots fail, often comically. Getting someone to act on violent rhetoric and also be competent enough to carry out a complex attack is not easy. But the signal is strong and reaching a wide audience if there are spontaneous attacks, such as ISIS is generating. Be loud, reach as wide an audience as possible, whip up enough dummies such that a few will get lucky.

Progressives are now in the same class as Imams calling for jihad on the West. The dodos among their flock are now carrying out their orders. As the Cathedral withers away and the edifice collapses, the Madrasa is revealed.

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