Friday, December 09, 2016

No Annihilation, Eternal Damnation

Why not annihilation?
Hence the soul that is damned, I am suggesting, perpetually wills to exist despite being perpetually miserable. If this seems insane, that is because it is. But again, we are familiar with something like this kind of perverse thinking even in this life, in the example of miserable people who refuse even to try to reform but also have no desire to stop living.

...Hence the good that was in the evil person in this life has completely dropped away after death. What is left in the lost soul is nothing soft, nothing kind, nothing merciful or wanting mercy, nothing that could generate in the saved the slightest sympathy. There is only perpetual irrational malice. If you want an image of the damned, imagine human faces on which there is written only blind, defiant, miserable rage and hatred forever and ever. Basically, a non-stop Occupy Hell rally. To which the saved can only shrug and say: “Whatever. Knock yourselves out, guys.”
Maybe SJWs should be combated with exorcists.

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