Friday, December 02, 2016

Impact Trajectories

Leftism, The Religion that Failed: A Study in Insecure Power and Social Disorganization
The new underground intelligentsia of the Right found an ally in a White working class under dire existential threat of being reduced to pariah status and ultimately, headed for obliteration by social attrition much as the Indians before them (i.e. demographic overwhelming, cultural annihilation, economic marginalization, social disorganization, and all the attending pathology). They were not yet prepared to go there; the elitist ambitions of the Left were met with a populist insurrection that took the Left unawares, culminating in unexpected, almost-preposterous victories in the form of Brexit in the U.K. and the election of Trump in the USA. The triumphalism of the Left was premature; its pride went before its fall. The “arc of history” has not yet bent to its terminal point after all. The Left had hoped that its religion stood in the same place in 2016 as Christianity in 360 or Islam in 1453- but the hope was vain. The Left’s religion has failed.

The folly of attempting to install Leftism as a substitute for religion is that Leftism, by design, is an instrument for the destruction of religion. The whole Leftist project, in essence, is an attempt to bring down the Ecclesiastical power and so do away with the historic chief rival and obstacle to the totalitarian State; a war against the Church waged in the name of the State by private actors who are not themselves members of the State, but see in the State apparatus a mighty tool for prosecuting their own pet projects and agendas, and thus do whatever they can to advance State power in the hope of one day seizing it for themselves.
And over at The Right Stuff: Fatima and the Future of White Civilization
What was in the Third Secret? Alas, we may not know for many years, as every pope since John XXIII has followed his unfortunate precedent. The Vatican—the oldest human institution in the world—excels at keeping secrets, even from itself. (The famous Chinon parchment, which exonerated the Knights Templar and refuted the calumnies against them by Philip the Fair, was only discovered by accident by a junior archivist in 2001. )

An expurgated version of the Third Secret was released after the death of John Paul II, but some who read the original handwritten secret say that it is incomplete. Fr. Malachi Martin—a Jesuit exorcist, an advisor to Cardinal Bea and a member of the Vatican’s intelligence service, said that the true Third Secret is, “your worst nightmare, multiplied exponentially.” The chastisements it promised were global and catastrophic. “Untold millions will die in an instant, and those who survive will envy the dead.” It was not about the attempted assassination of John Paul II, but about the systematic destruction of Christian civilization and apostasy at the highest levels of the Church. It is any wonder, then, that John XIII and his successors—all of whom were deeply involved in the “reconstruction” of Catholicism at Vatican II—declined to publish the message of heaven?

Martin, who died under mysterious circumstances shortly before the release of the expurgated Third Secret in 2000, is perhaps our best source for the secret history of the Church in the 20th century. Long before the pedophilia scandal hit the headlines, he wrote about an organized network of Satanic pedophiles who had infiltrated the seminaries and the chanceries of the Roman Church in his roman-a-clef, Windswept House.

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