Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dark Enlightenment is Progressivism's Nightmare

Progressives believe people descended from former slaves persistently underperform because of the historic effects of slavery, racism, and also present-day racism. This is a deterministic model that says prior nurture has long lasting effects into the future. The thoughts of others are enough to control your fate.

Progressives in one sense have a very deterministic model of the world. If something is wrong, usually someone else did it. If something is going well for other people, it is probably because they cheat or oppress. Only if the progressive himself is successful, is it probably due to hard work. Or maybe simply because he is more virtuous, or perhaps more intelligent. (Puritan!)

Progressives also hate determinism. They hate that men and women must behave as men and women, they hate that women want babies, they hate traditions that keep people behaving the same way as their ancestors, they hate religions that tell you to restrict your actions.

The Dark Enlightenment says to Mr. Progressive, I think you're on to something. But the deterministic parts of like aren't caused so much by action, it is caused by Nature. It is unchangeable. All your raging at God, Truth and Tradition is at best screaming into the wind, at worst a petulant child destroying their room and smashing their toys. The DE is the progressive's nightmare, the reality that he is more right than he knows, his entire belief system is a security blanket to obscure the truth he knows in his heart. Like the ending of the Sixth Sense, the evidence was there all along. Mr. Progressive believes it all, but he concocts a myth to explain it, like primitive man creating myths and gods to explain local natural events.

Speaking of intelligence and virtue, here's Bloody Shovel with a great find: Intellectuals
I made the point in the last post that having smart people on top as a principle doesn’t necessarily help things because they might very well be evil. Here Jordan Peterson makes the same point in a more forceful way.

If you can, take a look at the whole thing. I think it’s not hyperbole that this is the best interview ever. This guy is good. I think he’s got a new religion in his head and he did it all by himself. What a man.

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