Monday, December 19, 2016

China's Opening Offer

As I said in China Wants to Talk, the seizure of the American drone was a negotiating tactic, and now China is making its opening offer.

ZH: China To Hand Over Seized US Drone "Under These Conditions"
"Beijing is expected to demand the United States scale down its ­surveillance in the South China Sea when it hands back a seized US underwater drone." Beijing would also "seek an expansion in the code for unplanned military encounters in the disputed waters to cover drones like the one seized by a Chinese warship off the Philippine coast near Subic Bay on Thursday."

Zhang Zhexin, a professor from the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, said he ­expected it would take about 10 days for the drone to be returned. The demand for US concessions stems from the fact that “China is worried that there will be more action from the US during its power transition period,” Zhexin said. “Beijing will possibly talk to the US about expanding the code for unplanned encounters at sea to include unmanned underwater vehicles.”
China wants to negotiate, and they forced the issue by creating a conflict. Trump should learn from this. If he wants trade negotiations with China, block Chinese imports and then announce the resumption of imports, "with conditions." Speak to them in a language they can hear.

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