Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A 2017 Resolution: Less News, Less Distraction

The Mass Media are not corrupted - they are the prime source of corruption
The Mass Media are the main source of corruption in modernity - the fact that they have created a fake and evil virtual reality to which the majority of Westerners are addicted is their core attribute.

...Therefore to criticise the Mass Media, to try and shame them, to call for their self-discipline, to try and create an enforce some kind of ethical code, to talk in terms of their reform - this is utterly futile and indeed a misdirection.

We need to regard the Mass Media as primarily a deliberately-evil entity - whose use of truth is only a tactical device to make untruth more powerful; and also only somewhat-Good for the reason that evil cannot ever, in principle, be complete (being a negative kind of thing, against-Good).
Would you eat at a restaurant that served rotten meat alongside fresh vegetables? A restaurant that served rancid milk along with a cold beer? Then why consume mass media, even if to mock it?
Our job is simple - to acknowledge ourselves as Media Addicts, and to cut down on consumption with the aim of eliminating dependency.

Also: "Fake News"?... But *all* news is fake...
It would be a good thing is instead of combing the intenet for 'the truth' about some News, we were all instead to cut our news consumption by 95% - starting NOW.

For so long as our minds are being directed by the news what to attend to, what to think about, and what to think about it - or reacting-against the above - then we are missing the point.
Trying to create a rightist version of leftism is a fool's errand. It is the goal of those who are still within the Cathedral's control, preferring a right-wing progressive ruler to a left-wing one.

Most news is distraction. Even in a field such as finance, where you would think news is valuable, the evidence shows there's almost no information content in news. By the time it is reported, it's already factored into prices.

There is a certain category of fool—the overeducated, the academic, the journalist, the newspaper reader, the mechanistic "scientist", the pseudo-empiricist, those endowed with what I call "epistemic arrogance", this wonderful ability to discount what they did not see, the unobserved.
Daily news and sugar confuse our system in the same manner.

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