Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Yoga Pants Killing Post-Menopausal Women

Mysterious Infection Linked To Water Targets Healthy, Fit People In Our Area
It’s a lung infection, similar to tuberculosis, that is caused by a bacteria found mainly in water but also in soil and in the air. Doctors say NTM is rare but the number of patients is growing.

The unlikely victims are white, thin, post-menopausal women who live in affluent neighborhoods around Philadelphia’s Main Line. “This is being researched very intensively right now,” says Dr. Leah Lande, a pulmonologist at Lankenau Medical Center which is part of Main Line Health.

...Doctors say African-Americans and people who are heavy tend to not get NTM even though the bacteria that causes it is everywhere.

So why do only certain people develop the infection? “We don’t know,” says Dr. Lande. “A lot of people are trying to figure that out now but that’s not really understood right now.”
It doesn't say they've ruled out yoga pants as a cause, and black women and heavy women tend to wear yoga pants less.

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