Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Old White Boomers Are Destroying the Democrat Party

Liberal white supremacy is hard to stop, but at least Howard Dean has opened his eyes.

Vox agrees with the opinion here, that Democrats really need to step up and put female, LGBTQ, transgender women of color into leadership positions.

Democrats need black female leadership
If you're a Democrat and you don't support a gay black women for every party leadership position, then you are objectively a homophobic, racist, and sexist bigot. Loyalty must be rewarded and privileged Whites and Jews must be banished to the back of the party.
How can the Democrats claim the GOP is the White Party when most of their key leaders are Old White People?

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  1. Yes. I'm glad to see the left goin' in a positive direction. Go dems! Go lefties! Lets follow our future people of color leaders into the promise land.




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