Monday, November 21, 2016

Immigration Destroyed the Democrat Party, How to Nail the Coffin Shut

A popular meme says the Democrat Party didn't come up with new ideas, they just imported new voters. The "immigration as vote stuffing" meme.

Voting stuffing is the action, but what is the inaction? Thanks to vote stuffing, Democrats didn't worry about messaging, other than KKKrazy glue to align their voting blocs against the White Party.

As a result, the Democrat Party is an intellectually atrophied party attracting low quality candidates.

The best thing for the Democrat Party and the nation would be a ban on immigration.

If the GOP wants to ice the Democrats, it now has the power.

Republicans now control most state legislature and governorships.

The next step is to pick off a few more White votes.

Finally, in a state such as Minnesota where the GOP controls the legislature, it should pass policies to push Democrat-voting immigrants into deep blue states.

GOP states should be tougher than Trump on immigration.

Play the Electoral College map. If Los Angeles and San Francisco want to be sanctuary cities, if California wants to be a sanctuary state, let it.

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