Sunday, October 16, 2016

The White Party Grows

In this election, the only smart vote for a dyed in the wool leftist is for Trump because it will cement the GOP as an opponent of globalization and empire, as well as create an opening to dislodge the establishment grip on the Democrat party.

If instead Hillary wins, the establishment's game will reach the final stage: millions of non-white and importantly, mostly anti-white immigrants, will give the establishment enough votes to never have to run a competitive election again. The GOP will be defeated from the start. The Bernie crowd will also be defeated internally, a microcosm of the GOP in national elections. The Democrat establishment will use the Color Revolution to push out the stale, pale and male Bernie voters. Bernie people will eventually realize this and abandon the Democrat party.

For all the Nazi LARPing, the Alt-Right has an anti-collectivist streak personified in Pinochet. The Alt-Right calls on whites to unify politically, but cannot create a larger identity because there is a cultural opposition to it. Not so in the far left. Furthermore, if the far left adopts white identity, there will be almost no one left to call whites racist. The remaining conservakin who fear being called racist, will instead fear being called race traitor by former Bernie voters. If it merges into the Right (most likely bringing over environmentalism and some form of welfare statism), the white-left will inject identity straight into the bloodstream of white America.

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