Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The White Party Gets A Shot in the Arm

Last week I wrote The White Party Grows, but I didn't think it would grow this quickly. Back then I wrote:
The remaining conservakin who fear being called racist, will instead fear being called race traitor by former Bernie voters. If it merges into the Right (most likely bringing over environmentalism and some form of welfare statism), the white-left will inject identity straight into the bloodstream of white America.
What happens days later? Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein rings up fertility rates and student debt.
Cancel student debt to boost sagging family formation (Jill Stein)
“There are 43 million young people and not-so-young people who are locked into predatory student loan debt,” Stein said. “The birth rate is plummeting in this country because we have a generation that’s basically become indentured servants. They don’t have a place to live, they don’t have relationships, they don’t have a future, they don’t have families, they don’t have a job. We really have a generational crisis right now that we’re in the midst of. And there’s one way that crisis can be solved with the stroke of a pen. That debt can be canceled, and I’m the only candidate who will do that. Those 43 million votes have only one place to go.”
I agree with Face to Face who comments that universities should pay the cost. I wouldn't cancel the debt though, or seize university assets to pay down the debt (though I like that idea in general). A practical policy we could implement tomorrow is to change the law such that every university is a co-signer on student debt. Then you get a lot of incentives kicking in that shuts bad schools, drives down tuition and acceptance rates, and so on.

In any event, the fact that the Green party candidate is talking about fertility rates in the context of debt is big. Put aside her solution, she's firmly in alt-right territory with her diagnoses. Remind hte Greens that immigration also drives up carbon emissions and destroys natural habitats due to the need for new housing, roads, factories, etc. Do they know that Trump is going to take billions spent on corrupt UN politicians for supposed "climate change" work and instead spend it on cleaning up America's environment? Between that and immigration, Trump will be the greenest president since Nixon.

It's not yet white identity, but Jill Stein is talking about issues that whites on left and right agree on, or at least agree are problems. This will only grow as the country becomes more enriched by vibrancy, and white issues are sidelined for diversity and gibs.

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