Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bernie Voters Sad

Useful idiot is as useful idiot does.

Leftists Rig Their Own Primaries
The vote pattern identified in the analysis of the Canova – Wasserman-Schultz primary, a closely watched race, is uncovered by what election experts call “cumulative vote tally” analysis. This analysis arranges precincts by size – numbers of registered voters – and studies candidate performance along these lines. As with many counties, cities,and towns in the Democratic primaries, the experts found a tendency for the “establishment” candidate to do much better as precinct size increased.

The pattern is suggestive of the electronic version of “ballot stuffing” in larger precincts. The relationship was uncanny, according to the election experts and mathematicians, with no good explanation when controlled for race, income, or any other demographic factor.
The evidence of malfeasance in the DNC is now overwhelming. It is hilarious and it will keep being hilarious as long as Bernie voters are pulling the lever for Hillary.

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