Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trump Has Already Won

Financial markets discount all current information and the interpretation of that information. They are efficient at processing information, but GIGO.

MARK CUBAN: Trump's statement on the Fed is 'exactly why the market will tank if he is elected'

If Trump wins, stocks will crash 50%: Wedbush pro

Snarky New Yorker headline: Trump Accuses Yellen of Trying to Improve the Economy Through Monetary Policy

Did Federal Reserve engineer market crash to hurt Trump?

If everyone believes the market will crash if Trump wins, then as soon as people believe Trump might win, stocks will begin falling.

Falling stock markets before an election tend to help the out of power party. Most likely Trump benefits and he'll blame it all on the Fed and Obama.

If the Narrative is Trump is causing the sell-off, do undecided voters go with the wealthy and powerful, or the guy who is scaring them so badly they're destroying their own portfolios?

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