Thursday, September 22, 2016

This Week in Reaction 2019-09-18 and Twitter Bans

Take a break from non-stop election chatter and check out the latest posts from across the Reactosphere: This Week in Reaction (2016/09/18). If you're busy, or not a frequent reader of NRx, it's a great way to stay caught up.

Also, the Twitter crackdown has begun. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit was taken down (Update: he's back on after deleting the "offending" tweet), as was VoxDay (he's back on at the moment) and @SOBL1 of 28Sherman, he's back up with @28ShermanSOBL1.

Twitter also would not allow you to post a link to Vox's site using the .com address, saying it was spam, though that's not the case anymore. Whatever, Twitter. Unclear if that was Twitter or an SJW social media exploit.

And now YouTube has a cross between the prosumer and the Communist Youth League.

The purge of Reynolds was a stroke of luck for the dissident Right. What would have been a relatively silent purge outside of our circles is now front and center with the mainstream Right. It was also expected, as the Duck famously warned last year. His ride to Valhalla is immortalized here: Jokeocracy's Twitter Martyrdom.

It's also a blessing in the long-run. We can "Exit" into our jobs, families, local communities and various projects or hobbies, but the Left still controls the debate and discussion because it controls the mass dissemination of information. This election cycle has birthed new Right media, with the #SickHillary coverage pushed by Mike Cernovich becoming a major mainstream story. It still relies on Leftist-controlled outlets though. New platforms are being built, more are needed. A transition to is underway, but Soundcloud shoahed The Daily Shoah.

In hockey, you skate to where the puck will be, not where it is now. Who will the Left be purging in 2018? 2020? 2024? The need for new platforms, and the market size, will only grow in the years ahead.

If you build it, they will come.

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