Monday, September 26, 2016

The Globalists Need A Scapegoat

Suddenly the bankers have a panic scenario where Trump wins.

Citi Warns on Gold as Bank Boosts Odds of Trump Win to 40%
Gold may be in for a bumpy ride in the final quarter as Republican candidate Donald Trump now has a 40 percent chance of winning the presidential election and investors will be preparing for the possibility of higher U.S. interest rates, according to Citigroup Inc.
Gold and the yen are joined at the hip right now and the yen started soaring as soon as traders anticipated negative interest rates from the Bank of Japan. The dollar/yen is now pushing up against 100 and could move to 95 after the Bank of Japan said it would raise long-term interest rates.

Deutsche Bank fell to a new low today.
ZH: Germany Goes There: "You Can't Compare Deutsche Bank To Lehman"

If DB goes, there will be a call for help from the Federal Reserve.

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