Friday, September 02, 2016

Identity Politics For (((Me))), But Not For Thee

Progress! David Brooks realizes identity politics is here.

Identity Politics Run Amok
Once, I seem to recall, we had philosophical and ideological differences. Once, politics was a debate between liberals and conservatives, between different views of government, different views on values and America’s role in the world.

But this year, it seems, everything has been stripped down to the bone. Politics is dividing along crude identity lines — along race and class. Are you a native-born white or are you an outsider? Are you one of the people or one of the elites?

Politics is no longer about argument or discussion; it’s about trying to put your opponents into the box of the untouchables.
But he totally fails to understand it:
Donald Trump didn’t invent this game, but he embodies it.
La Raza embodies identity politics. The NAACP. The ADL. I could run off a list of hundreds of left-wing organizations that embody identity politics.

Trump embodies the reaction to identity politics. The awakening of White Americans to identity politics. We're still at the point where identity politics could theoretically be stopped. The majority of whites are reacting to attacks, not proposing identity politics for whites. Conservatives aren't proposing to destroy progressives that created this world though. They're saying Trump is the bad guy because he's channeling the reaction into a rising share of the popular vote.

Conservatives could have a credible argument if they were in the trenches destroying identity politics. If there was a bill on the table to shut down groups like La Raza and it only needed support from White Nationalists, and White Nationalists opposed it because it means continued diversification of demographics, then conservatives would have a point. Instead, they have a perfect track record of failure.

Brooks goes on to use propaganda statistics throughout the article. Here's one example:
This is false, too. The fact is, a vast majority of Americans benefit. A study by John McLaren of U.Va. and Gihoon Hong of Indiana University found that each new immigrant produced about 1.2 new jobs, because immigrants are producers and consumers and increase overall economic activity.
This is merely insourcing of population. If you bring in 100 Somalis to work in your garment factory, they open Somali restaurants staffed by other Somalis. So you can claim you created 220 jobs by importing 100 Somalis workers and their families, but you created ZERO jobs for natives, to say nothing of the impact on crime, welfare, real estate prices, rents, and so on.

Brooks goes deeper into stupidity:
Identity politics distorts politics in two ways. First, it is Manichaean. It cleanly divides the world into opposing forces of light and darkness. You are a worker or an elite. You are American or foreigner.

Seeing this way is understandable if you are scared, but it is also a sign of intellectual laziness. The reality is that people can’t be reduced to a single story. An issue as complex as immigration can’t be reduced to a cartoon. It is simultaneously true that immigration fuels American dynamism and that the mixture of mass unskilled immigration and the high-tech economy threatens to create a permanent underclass.
They aren't intellectually lazy, they are stupid. You let in tens of millions of low IQ people who fall for progressive identity politics.

This brings us to the final point: if your opponents are all engaged in identity politics, you are defacto an identity.

The KKKrazy Glue puts white males into a bucket called the GOP. Therefore the GOP becomes the white male party. Even if it engages in non-identity politics, the GOP will be presented as the racist white males. This was first made explicit after the 2012 election, when Democrats gleefully cheered the loss of the GOP and their old white male voters.

In order to reverse the tide, you have to remove people engaged in identity politics, or punish them strongly enough to deter them from engaging in identity politics. Of course if all of your group is already pushed into one party, then trying to end identity politics itself becomes identity politics.

In other words, it's over. We're not returning to non-identity politics until there's an 85% white majority. To get there requires politics driven by identities. There are downsides to identity politics, which is why every conservative and (((conservative))) should be trying to lead the charge to get back to a white majority. The fact that they do not shows they do not understand what is taking place. Or they're secretly in favor of it:
Second and most important, identity politics is inherently the politics of division. But on most issues — whether it is immigration or the economy or national security — we rise and fall together.
If that's true, why did your son join the IDF and not the US Army? David Brooks: Gaza War Proved My Son Was Right to Serve in IDF

The biggest reason to oppose identity politics is the stupidity of it, in the purely objective sense that identity requires no thought. We can see what years of tribalism and identity politics will do to you by reading David Brooks' articles. His conclusion:
Human beings are too complicated to be defined by skin color, income or citizenship status. Those who try to reduce politics to these identities do real violence to national life.
Identity politics is a means, not an end. When you go full tribalist, you go full retard.


  1. The "identity politics" trope is a way for the Left-press to take focus from identitarianism, and make it seem like a political tribalism. They are trying to hide the ethno-nationalist aspect as much as possible.

    Brooks, for all of his profundity, works at a liberal newspaper and frequently caves to the dominant paradigm. Sad, as he is better than that, as anyone who read his "Bobos in Paradise" could relate.

  2. Douthat is still translating the Right for NYTimes readers, Brooks has largely given up the mission. You could usually read between the lines and see nudges to the audience, those are gone now.





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