Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hillary Successfully Derailed Trump, But Trump Can Still Go Nuclear

Trump is not a politician, and while that is good in many ways, politician is a job with a skill set. One of those skills is staying on message and attacking your opponent. A debate is like a boxing match or a sword fight, every time your opponent speaks they are either deliver a solid blow that must be defended, or creating an opening for attack. Weak candidates like Hillary are a target rich environment where issues such as the email server can be brought up in response to multiple questions. It also involves controlling the discussion by ignoring bullshit questions like birtherism, taxes and what you said about the Iraq War 14 years ago before it even started, versus an incompetent who unleashed global terrorism onto the world and murdered American allies. (Qaffafi was working with the Americans and Europeans after Iraq. He saw what happened to Saddam and changed his ways. He failed to donate to the Clinton Foundation though, and Clinton needed to kill some Arab guy in order to pad her resume for a presidential run. The result was ISIS control in parts of Libya and a flood of migrants into Europe.)

Trump only needs to talk about putting Americans first, bringing back jobs, expanding the economy, putting American workers first in trade deals and putting American interests first in foreign policy. Stay on this message like a laser and defend when necessary, but most of the media and Clinton attacks are BS issues that can be ignored. If Hillary or the media bring up a court case from 1973, Trump should say, "I understand why Hillary wants to talk about events from 40 years ago, to distract from 8 years of disastrous economic and foreign policy, but I'm going to talk about bringing jobs back to this country."

When asked about the treatment of women, Trump can bring up the women who've accused Bill Clinton of rape and sexual assault. He can bring up Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith who died in Benghazi, to whom Hillary lied. Going nuclear worked once; it will work again.

When asked about his taxes or any other bullshit question, his only answer should be Secretary Clinton conducted public business on a private email server in her bathroom and deleted emails from that server. She violated the public trust and has disqualified herself to serve as president. Frankly, she belongs in prison. People who have done less are in jail for the same crime, and I use the word crime with great care, what she did was a criminal act. The only reason she's still in this race is she's crooked enough to steal the nomination from Bernie. She's the candidate of Wall Street and the corporations. Her job is to keep the taxpayer money flowing to her cronies and for her efforts a cut is siphoned into the Clinton Foundation which makes her and Bill very wealthy (believe you me). She burns down the world and spills the blood of American soldiers, unleashes chaos in the inner cities leading to the deaths of young African-American men and police officers, and floods America with foreign terrorists, she helps sell American companies to China and then helps give the remaining American jobs to illegal aliens, and for that she gets her 10% cut. It is an indictment on the Democratic Party, and indeed our entire electoral process that someone who brazenly tramples the public trust, engages in criminal acts as Secretary of State and lies to faces of the mothers of fallen American soldiers is the nominee of a major party. Electing Hillary guarantees four more years of corruption, chaos, murder, terror and foreign policy debacles. The only winners will be the corporations, bureaucrats, Wall Street, bankers and terrorists.

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