Monday, September 12, 2016

Diversity Fail

An anecdote to help you understand why Progressives will surpass the Right in their hatred and violence towards minorities:

Why Trump will win
Talked to my brother and his wife recently. They live in a very expensive township with lots of Asian and some NAM diversity. They're blue pill to the core, upper middle class NeverTrumpers who champion H1B visas because they are in pharma, and without Indian people the business would fail due to not enough qualified Americans.

Anyway. Their son just started kindergarten in the overloaded public schools. My (((SIL))) is upset because her son is a minority in his class. None of the NAMs or Asian kids want to play with him.

I said to her, "this is what you want, though, right? Diversity is our strength."

She blinked for a second and said she wanted diversity, she just doesn't want her son to be a minority.
As Vox explains:
Remember, most people cannot think in the abstract. They cannot make sense of concepts that are outside their range of direct experiences. To them, diversity means an imaginary limit of perhaps 40 percent people with different color skin who are nevertheless ordinary white people just like them on the inside. They have never spent a single day in Tokyo, where there are thousands of Asians in every direction without a single white face as far as the eye can see. They have never sat in a single meeting where everyone is rapidly speaking a language you don't know well enough to follow.

They simply cannot imagine any situation where those like them are not in complete control of the situation. They think it is safe to indulge themselves in their virtue-signaling in favor of diversity and equality and progress, never realizing that those things not only have consequences, but will have severe consequences that will impact the lives of them and their children.
They also don't understand that changes begin with the presence of one minority and then scale up. Less than 2% of America is Jewish, most of China is not Muslim, yet you can find Kosher food everywhere in America, and Halal food in China, because the broader population doesn't care. As the percentage of minorities rises, the political calculations change much faster than understood.

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