Wednesday, September 21, 2016

China Diagnoses USG With Hegemonic Neurosis

UPDATE: There's an English version summarizing three recent anti-U.S. articles: People's Daily criticizes U.S. as "source of turmoil"

The Li Wen article is Google translated below.
Many incidents occur in many parts of the world, get to the bottom up, not the "local specialty", but "made in America." For example, the United States launched the Iraq war, to the local political order and cause serious damage to the balance of power to make this country into long-term instability. US-led Western countries gross interference in the internal affairs of Libya and Syria, the two countries has resulted in civil war still intoxicated. US-led NATO's eastward expansion under the deterioration of the relations between Russia and Ukraine, the European Union. Since the implementation of the United States' Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy "has been heightened tension on the Korean Peninsula, Japan openly revise the pacifist constitution and on the Diaoyu Islands issue openly challenge China's territorial sovereignty, the Philippines in the South China repeatedly fuss. United States brazenly sent warships illegally entered China Nansha Islands and adjacent waters, it is the result of the security situation in the region appeared undue backwards and tension.

Thus the US reform package, four fan the flames, to a large extent is a fading empire peculiar psychological distortions in behavior reflect. This is a typical "hegemony neurosis." Early Cold War ended, the United States at the peak of power, powerful, mighty. But in recent years due to the relative decline of its economic strength, its ability to mobilize the resources and services is limited political and diplomatic objectives. Helpless, the United States had to start from the old "hegemony positive" to "negative hegemony", that is, from their ability to lead the world with confidence, for the transformation to maintain its leadership powerless; inclined to the establishment and maintenance and peaceful world order to enhance its international status, into inclined to disrupt and destroy the existing world order and peace to keep position; do not worry about the other countries and regions catch up and surpass themselves, change for the good momentum of development in some countries and regions, deeply panic.

The nature of capital is profit, profit-capitalist nature is the essence of the capitalist countries is exploitation and oppression. As the world's largest capitalist country, the United States has put its own interests ahead of the interests of other countries, but at different times and in different regions in different ways. At present, the maintenance of world hegemony is the largest US national interests. Obama said the United States also leads the world for 100 years. To achieve this goal, the world is messing up almost under the present circumstances the United States the "best" choice, because provoke various zero-sum game, lost against the parties, while the United States may beneficiary. Specifically, the following benefits can be obtained.

One world currency status of the dollar gains are maintained. Today, although the United States system of hegemony in the international financial system has been weakened, but the dollar is still the world's strongest currencies, the United States remains the only country to obtain wealth by printing money in the world today. This is largely due to a number of other national and regional economic downturn, social disintegration and political instability, and contrasting the US economy is still relatively safe state leader. This situation makes people maintain confidence in the US, and thus tend to buy dollars and US debt; on the other hand, other areas in turmoil, under normal circumstances will make it the status of the currency has been weakened, thus effectively reducing these currencies against the US dollar hegemony the extent of the challenge.

Two gains of military hegemony has been consolidated. The more tense the situation in other parts of the world, the more intense the conflict, the more heated the arms race, the United States military enterprises more able to sell a large number of arms, the United States, the more chance there is a show of force, sending troops overseas to engage in military expansion.

Three benefits of political hegemony continuity. In the case of international political organization of control and influence as before, the United States hopes that the deterioration of international relations with other regions, other countries suffered setbacks and failures in politics. Big country split, power is weakened, the United States became the only country to have the opportunity to be able to control the situation.

Four benefits of cultural hegemony is strengthened. Cultural expansion is an important means and methods of implementation of American cultural hegemony. US emphasis on "soft power", after years of painstaking efforts, the US has a strong value judgment the right to speak in the international arena. Meanwhile, in the United States go all around the world to promote their ideology. "Sublime" place of this approach is that, regardless of other countries, and therefore ideologically become a vassal of the United States, or in the spirit of chaos, are in line with US interests.

Of course, the United States is bent on messing up all the people of the world. The country at the time of clogging up a tumult never forget to be treated differently depending on the country's relationship with their distance intimacy. North America is the US base, the need to ensure peace and stability; EU dubious, must guard against and constraints; the Middle East and Central Asia bordering Russia more chaotic the better; in neighboring China, it is necessary to manufacture a controlled chaos and tension.

Although the EU is a US ally, but also has its own interests and ideas. United States doesn't want to see the EU integration process accelerate or the rise of Russia. To avoid the same time face a strong Europe and a strong Russia, the United States launched a strong NATO's eastward expansion, so that some belonged to the Russian sphere of influence of the European countries to seek refuge under the command of NATO. US further wedge between Russia and the EU, claiming that Russia poses a threat to European security, incite the EU to join the ranks of Russia's economic sanctions. Russia's neighboring countries vigorously around the color revolution agitation Chechen independence, Georgia from the CIS, manufacturing crisis in Ukraine, provoking civil war in Syria and Libya. The turn of events is not an isolated occurrence. Russia and Europe against each other, each other as enemies, will suffer, the United States is in a most satisfied state.

US East confuse the main purpose is to contain China. In recent years, China's economy continued to grow steadily. In China, driven by East Asian regional economic cooperation to carry out impressive. But the tree still while the wind blows, good momentum of development in East Asia presented allow countries to see the hope and future, has forced the US civil liberties. In order to stifle the formation of a new order in East Asia, the United States would resort to military power to achieve the default Japanese attempts to encourage its condition first to break the calm the East China Sea, the challenges China's core interests on the Diaoyu Islands issue; support for individual countries to go against China in the South China Sea; advance "Trans-Pacific partnership Agreement" negotiations, in order to disrupt the existing regional economic integration process. So many, and so forth.

United States selfish confuse the world, although not change the peace, development, cooperation and win-win development of the general trend of the world, gave the order and stability in a number of areas of casting a shadow on the peace and development in emerging countries pose a threat . To these challenges, China should be the defenders of regional and world peace, unswervingly take the road of peaceful development, active use of existing international mechanisms, developing countries enjoy good relations, to make more contributions to world peace, to bring more people around the world more interest.

(Author: Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics)

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