Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Assuming the Victory

The Alt-White and Alt-West wings of the Alt-Right have begun to clarify their positions. The fuel for the debate also appears to be Milo's promotion of his version of the Alt-Right, which both White and West disagree with.

Lawrence Murray discusses Milo’s Alt-Right
Perhaps we could call this Oscar Wilde nationalism. Naturally one would expect Milo’s paradigms to come across in his presentation of the Alt-Right, and they do.

Right out of the gate Milo seeks to minimize the share of White nationalists in the Alt-Right. He sees claims that the Alt-Right is heavily White nationalist as a variation of how leftists brand all of their enemies as “racist.” And they do brand all of their enemies as racist (as well as claim that people of color cannot be racist). But a racist is just a White person who is illiberal on identity issues. The Alt-Right views identity issues from a eurocentric perspective and believes in ethno-nationalism (not the “ideas” or magic dirt of propositional or civic nationalism). Hence if one truly is Alt-Right, on some level they must be sympathetic to if not outright in favor of White nationalism.
And the Alt-West agrees as explained by Vox: Of Alt-West and Alt-White
lt-White and Alt-West are largely in accord. They generally share a philosophy and a direction, but their priorities and perspectives are different. More importantly, with the possible exception of Christianity in the long term, there is very little reason for conflict between Alt-White and Alt-West, indeed, the distinction between the two eliminates the Alt-White's primary objection to the Alt-West, which is the possibility of being sidelined by the media and by the larger potential appeal of the Alt-West.

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