Friday, August 12, 2016

Whites Get Shot By Cops More Than Blacks, Until Body Cams

A lot of red pilling is done by simple math and facts. You hear that cops shoot minorities, so you start digging into the stats you find either no racism, or a slight bias in favor of blacks, likely because police know shooting a black guy can end their career.

But put body cams on the cops, and they have videotaped evidence of their encounters. Now they don't have to worry about using lethal force if it is justified.

Study Links Police Bodycams to Increase in Shooting Deaths
Surprisingly, we found that the use of wearable video cameras is associated with a 3.64% increase in shooting-deaths of civilians by the police. We explain that video recordings collected during a violent encounter with a civilian can be used in favor of a police officer as evidence that justifies the shooting. Aware of this evidence, the officer may become less reluctant to engage in the use of deadly force…. This contradicts the expectation of many law enforcement officials and policymakers that video cameras would reduce incidents of use of deadly force.
What’s more, they found that body cameras were associated with a larger increase in shooting deaths of African Americans and hispanics than whites and Asians.

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