Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Trump Will Specialize the Presidency

Bill Clinton was the first president to be a permanent campaigner.

Kasich's team claims Trump offered him the VP slot, with control over most domestic and foreign policy.

As the economy grows, it becomes more specialized and intermediate stages of production expand. The beginning of a car is always involves some metal and rubber, and the end result is always a car, but what happens in between is a lot more complex than it was 100 years ago. Car companies used to do in house marketing, now they outsource it.

Trump is a marketing guy and he's putting the Trump brand on politics. His goal is to win and "Make America Great Again." He has some specific ideas, but much of the rest he isn't terribly concerned about with respect to ideology. If it works do it, if not, don't.

There's a group of globalists who were never going to be for Trump because they are Trump's foil. There are a lot of conservatives, however, who could have joined on with Trump and guaranteed their agenda would be implemented under President Trump.

Instead, they fought him with complaints such as he doesn't have any policies. "Trump is not a conservative!" is like saying, "Polar bears have nothing to do with Coca-Cola!"

They don't understand marketing.

The President is the Chief Marketing Officer.

Reagan was one of the greatest presidents by this measure because he was an actor and acted presidential.

Obama is a good CMO for the Cathedral, in the sense of being the type. Not so much in execution. Hillary Clinton is not a good candidate for CMO.

Even if Trump loses, we have seen the future.

The presidential candidate will be the most telegenic, likable character who can play the role of President.

The vice president will do everything, down to formulating policy if necessary. This has been joked about or speculated about since GW Bush, but it will become explicit, even if hidden from public view.

Specialize or die.

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