Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Trump Goads Cathedral Into Cage Match

Trump drove a wedge between the cucks and the right-wing during the primaries. Lots of people who do not call themselves Alt-Right nonetheless broke with the GOPe over issues such as globalism. Globalists who heretofore could blend in seamlessly with the Right were suddenly very obviously exposed.This is continuing into the general election as moderate Republicans renounce Trump.

Most importantly, the Cathedral is exposing itself. Nearly every conservative knows the media is Progressive, but many independent and Trump Democrat voters would not believe it, or think the Right exaggerates its claims. Trump is hitting moderate voters with repeated exposure to the Cathedral when it spins into overdrive to misinterpret his words or urgently tries to cover for Hillary. Even if Trump loses, what is seen cannot be unseen. Once taken, the effects of the Red Pill cannot be undone.

Trump is also creating a tribal affiliation opposed to the Cathedral.
The left is being paid back in its own, admittedly counterfeit, coinage and "this means war." Indeed, war can be defined as the state where both sides play by the same rules. The tacit custom for example, is that only one side can send suicide bombers to Paris. The other side can't return the favor. The system is stable as long as the attacks are one way. When Paris starts sending suicide bombers to Saudi Arabia, you'll know the world is at war.
Win or lose, what Trump has begun will last well beyond Election Day.

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