Friday, August 05, 2016

The War for America

It has begun.

It's Not the Bull, It's the China Shop
What's destabilizing the system is that a section of the public -- Trump included -- now dare to say things that as are outrageous as Obama's claim that he never paid ransom to Iran; or Hillary's assertion that her email server never held classified information.

You lie, I Iie. What difference at this point does it make? Eh Hillary? Suddenly the men on the court are actually playing basketball. Maybe not Trump, but Trump's supporters. The left is being paid back in its own, admittedly counterfeit, coinage and "this means war." Indeed, war can be defined as the state where both sides play by the same rules. The tacit custom for example, is that only one side can send suicide bombers to Paris. The other side can't return the favor. The system is stable as long as the attacks are one way. When Paris starts sending suicide bombers to Saudi Arabia, you'll know the world is at war. Until then it is merely business as usual. It's merely pretend.
Trump's weaknesses are precisely his strengths for this battle. Your average conservakin will not take the steps necessary to push the left out of power even if they fully comprehend the extent of leftist control over institutions. Trump probably doesn't see the stakes as this high, but when he is attacked, he will respond in kind. Instead of beating a retreat to maintain civility, Trump is more likely to engage in a tit-for-tat cycle. The Cathedral also believes Trump's greatest weakness is that he can be goaded into peripheral battles that take him off his main target. We can be sure that if Trump wins, he will be baited into meaningless fights, but it's also possible the Cathedral gets cocky and tries a high stakes battle. Unlike conservakin, Trump will not bow to decorum or tradition.
H/T: Outside In

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