Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hillary and Media Conspire To Create AltRight Villain

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton and her propaganda arm, the mainstream media, will conspire to create a new villain for the world: the AltRight. The groundwork was laid in magazines such as Time.

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

Hillary and the MSM want to create a Narrative about the AltRight as a bunch of trolls and bullies. They want you to hate the AltRight, and by extension Donald Trump and the Republican Party, and support the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, and the Establishment.

Why are Hillary Clinton and all major media outlets creating a false story in the middle of a presidential campaign? They need something to distract you from reality.

First, they will tell you the AltRight is racist because they are pushing their own racist organization: Black Lives Matter. It's only the latest in a string of false stories designed to sow racial hatred in America, the better to turn out minority voters for the Democrat party. They will tell you white people who look out for their own interests are evil for behaving exactly like every other racial group in America.

Next they will say the AltRight is anti-semitic because they don't want to talk about black teens beating up rabbis or Jews fleeing Muslim terrorism in Europe. They also say that the AltRight is anti-semitic for wanting immigration policies that are less harsh than Israel's: Genetic citizenship: DNA testing and the Israeli Law of Return. Israel's immigration policy is more extreme than anything proposed by the AltRight, and the AltRight is fine with that because it believes nations have a right to choose their own policies.

Next they'll say the AltRight is misogynist, probably for trolling aimed at women. They have no problem blasting lies about campus rape culture, such as the completely fabricated story in Rolling Stone. A Rape on Campus, which resulted in actual violence and vandalism targeted at the fraternity named in the story.
The article uses the pseudonym "Drew" to refer to a third-year student at the University of Virginia who takes Jackie to the fraternity party where the alleged rape takes place. "Drew" gives "instruction and encouragement" to the seven rapists. Jackie's friends in the story have provided evidence since then that the man Rolling Stone calls "Drew" was electronically introduced to them as "Haven Monahan." Jackie forwarded messages from "Monahan" and "Monahan" exchanged messages with Jackie's friends, including sending a picture of "himself" directly to Ryan Duffin. But, media investigations have determined that no student named "Haven Monahan" has attended the University of Virginia; the portrait of "Haven Monahan" is an image of a classmate of Jackie's in high school, who has never attended the University of Virginia; the three telephone numbers through which "Haven Monahan" contacted Jackie's friends are registered "internet telephone numbers" that "enable the user to make calls or send SMS text messages to telephones from a computer or iPad while creating the appearance that they are coming from a real phone"; and love letters written by Jackie and forwarded by "Haven Monahan" to Ryan Duffin are largely plagiarized from scripts of the TV series Dawson's Creek and Scrubs.
This absurd story was used to push legislation taking away the rights of Americans. Gillibrand promotes federal sexual assault legislation
Reacting to the backlash against the woman who said she was raped in the Rolling Stone article, Gillibrand said it’s “inappropriate” and an example of victim-blaming.

“One of the challenges with survivors of sexual trauma and rape is that they often don’t want to actually participate with law enforcement, because they don’t justice is possible, they don’t think they’ll be believed, they think they’ll be blamed,” she said. “So again, victim blaming or shining the spotlight on her for coming forward is not the right approach.
The media creates stories and pushes them onto the public to maintain political control for the Establishment. Even a woman who lies about a rape is to be defended because she's doing it in service of the Establishment's lies. Narratives are sold to you like chicken McNuggets, beer and laundry detergent.

They want to show you a dead Turkish boy, put on a boat by his irresponsible parents in the hopes he would receive welfare for the family, whose body was placed on the shore to be photographed by ghoulish journalists, in order to sell you on allowing migrants into you country.
They won't focus on the death of a innocent girl in Nice who was murdered by Islamic terrorists because then you might ask why the government is letting in lots of people who sympathize with the terrorists.
Two photos. One a complete lie except for the fact of a dead body, the other the reality the politicians and their media lap dogs do not want you to see.

The media and police will cover up rapes and sexual assaults in Germany, and cover up the rape of a 5-year Idaho girl by refugees.

The media might tell you the AltRight are paid by Russia or work for Russia because the AltRight believes in sovereignty for all people and does not seek war with Russia or China, or anyone else for that matter. The Establishment wants you to hate Russia and China because if the economy gets really bad, they may start a war. They also don't want to tell you the West is falling behind Russia and China in military and science. They want you to stop thinking of progress in terms of economic growth, scientific achievement and improved living standards because their policies are causing economic contraction, most scientific studies are false and their actual goal is to lower your living standards to a global mean, far below the level in developed countries.

Of all possible targets, why the AltRight?

The AltRight is not a target because the media wants to hide the truth from you. They can come up with lots of lies to sell. The AltRight is a target because it is the most responsible for broadcasting the truth. The media doesn't want to be talking about Hillary's deteriorating health, but they were forced to because the AltRight brought it up. The new birthers: Debunking the Hillary Clinton health conspiracy. Nobody wants to discuss topics on race, sex and equality. The AltRight is willing to question any subject, debate any issue, but the Establishment wants to silence it because lies cannot withstand scrutiny.

The only enemy the Establishment has is the truth. The truth is the West has begun to collapse under the rule of progressive politicians because the foundation of progressivism is lies, all the way back to the idea of the blank slate from the Enlightenment. Now the economy is beginning to fall apart, almost a decade of economic depression, but the media and politicians sell it as a recovery.
Progressives control the entire government, most of the media and almost all schools and universities. Almost everything you see and hear on TV, in movies, from politicians, or in class from K through college, is progressive propaganda. They control so much of the country that they are now reduced to attacking anonymous online "trolls" who question and challenge these rulers and their lies.

If you want to take the blue pill, you can go on believing the lies as the economy falls apart around you, as your currency collapses, as your circle of friends and relatives increasingly become the victim of violent crimes, as you sink deeper into debt, wondering why the American Dream seems so far out of reach. The media and politicians will cook up new lies for you to believe and you can go on hating all the "bad people" who are ruining everything, like poor white people living in the mountains of West Virginia or anonymous trolls on Twitter.

Or you can pop a red pill and begin a journey to the truth. The choice is up to you.

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