Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dems Really R The Real Racists

Free Northerner explains the benefits of Jim Crow. For blacks.

Black Enlightenment: Jim Crow

A restoration of law and order would have the largest positive impact on the black community.

A nationalist economic agenda with restrictive immigration would benefit blacks more than any other group.

The Sailer Strategy is not simply driving up the white vote. A couple of decades hence, it requires picking off one minority group.

Blacks are the most natural ally for whites because they're the least likely to present a challenge to white rule.

Hispanics are overwhelming whites demographically and Asians can become a market dominant minority.

Blacks are not a demographic threat or a market dominant minority.

Claiming Dems R the Real Racists won't win black votes. There's no point in appealing to progressive whites either.

To win black votes, make a blatant appeal to nationalism, a blatant appeal for votes.

End affirmative action for all but American blacks with slave ancestry. Offer more welfare.

If you want to play identity politics, play to win.

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