Friday, August 12, 2016

Cathedral Honey Pot: Northeast Is White

Mapping the Rising Tide
One use of this information—though you will need to do your own labor and economic research—is insight into where you should aim to migrate to or start a family, if you are in one of the non-White or soon-to-be non-White states. On paper—and only looking at percentile demographics—the highest potential areas are northern New England and West Virginia. There are other states where a large enough 'White flight' could sway things safely in our favor, especially where the share of White births is still in the seventies or better. If I had to pick one state I really think we should target based on racial demography and geography alone, it would be Massachusetts. While its White births are in the sixties rather than seventies or better, it contains a major port city, and is connected to the lily White preserve of northern New England, a region almost untouched by non-White immigration. Make no mistake, if we do not colonize what's left of New England, someone else will, because as the alt-right has consistently observed, non-Whites love moving to White areas if they are allowed to. Ditto for the Pacific Northwest and its proximate White interior.
The advantage of targeting Massachusetts is that it's the heart of the Cathedral. The disadvantage is there are more than 5 million pozzed.

A better state is Vermont. Carve Up the Blue With Political Preppers
Less than 20% of Vermont residents are under the age of 18, about 125,000.
The state is losing population because young people move out for job opportunities. Whatever Vermont is doing, it is preserving whiteness (for now). You don't want to screw it up with economic development.

If I'm a WN and focused on demographics, I'd move to Vermont. If I can't find a job, go on welfare. Pump out 6 to 8 white babies. Homeschool them.

If enough alt-right move into the state, it could swing it to R. That's 2 Senate seats that could be very useful down the road.

The Free State Project is next door in New Hampshire. They've started leaning libertarian, going down the tubes with progressivism. A few choice policies on issues such as transgenders and homeschooling could pick off some of them.

Vermont's age cohorts (5 years) are small, less than 40,000 people. If 1,000 couples move in and have 2 children within 5 years, their children will be 2.5 percent of the youngest cohort.

Vermont's cities are also small. Here's the largest cities in Vermont:

It wouldn't be hard to get elected to town government with a small active minority.

If might take a couple generations to take Vermont, but if high fertility is maintained, the growth rates start picking up steam.Then expand to Maine. Then New Hampshire. Then Massachusetts.

The key point is what do you want? If you want a good paying job, then go find a job in pozzed America, they have many of them. If you want to take the land, then have many children and keep them completely off the poz.

The Cult Of Transgender
We are going to have to take radical steps to withdraw from this popular culture if we are going to spare our kids its madness. I was talking last night over dinner with my friends about how completely clueless most parents are about the nature and pervasiveness of the threat. As Catholics, they were talking about how so many of their pastors, including bishops, desperately want to believe that everything is going to be okay, and that nobody should rock the boat. Meanwhile, the boat is about to go over the falls. This is not just pastors and bishops, though; this is most parents. Why do they do this? Because if what we are warning them about is true, then they are going to have to take drastic steps for the sake of their children’s faith and moral sanity. That is something most people would prefer not to do, so they deal with the tension by denying the threat.

Back in the late 1990s, PBS broadcast a Frontline documentary called “The Lost Children Of Rockdale County.” It begins with a syphilis epidemic in an upscale high school in suburban Atlanta. When public health officials began to investigate, they uncovered a culture of teenage promiscuity within the school that beggared imagination. How did this happen? Watching the show — and I urge you to follow the link and do so — revealed that these relatively affluent parents were disengaged, and trusted the culture to form their kids. It was too much bother to dig in deep with their kids, and guide them. The parents were laid-back, so the kids followed popular culture and their own instincts, straight into hell.
If you want to replace the culture, you have to replace it. Replacement isn't a battle. It is wu-wei. You not engage the poz or debate the poz. You turn it off. The Amish don't fight the poz. They expand their culture through the womb and land purchases. The Amish don't sit around debating what's in the NYTimes today, what the WaPo thinks, what's going on with university campuses, they don't know Bruce Jenner or what he does.

Look at the Cathedral's balance sheet. It's bankrupt. Look at its fertility rate: without sacrifices of new young children, the Cathedral would begin a catastrophic collapse within 1 generation. The Cathedral finds new blood from immigration and by stealing native born children. Stopping immigration, stop sending them fresh blood, and the expected outcome flips. A long road is still ahead, but a new path is chosen.

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