Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cathedral Goes Full Bore on Narrative Creation

It is very difficult to create a Narrative out of thin air. There needs to be at least a little truth to stack the lies upon.

Donald Trump often speaks without a teleprompter and says things in a colloquial and jovial manner. The Cathedral was caught in a blatant lie over his joke about a woman with a crying baby, when it claimed he kicked them out. He said 2nd amendment people need to all get out and vote, and the media says it is a death threat. This is as blatant a lie, but it fits with the Narrative established earlier in the year that Trump incites violence.

Trump "incites" violence the same way that Christians or Kurds or people celebrating Bastille Day incite ISIS jihadists. Yet the media is an arm of the Democratic Party. It's Narrative is the Clinton campaign's Narrative. There is no difference between CNN and the DNC when it comes to Narrative.

Racially charged confrontation over Trump T-shirt ends in apparent crowbar attack

This is a great time for red pilling. Every Cathedral media outlet is revealing itself.

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