Friday, June 10, 2016

Zika: The Fertility Killer

Delay Pregnancy in Areas With Zika, W.H.O. Suggests
People living in areas where the Zika virus is circulating should consider delaying pregnancy to avoid having babies with birth defects, the World Health Organization has concluded.

The advice affects millions of couples in 46 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean where Zika transmission is occurring or expected. According to a recent study, more than five million babies are born each year in parts of the Western Hemisphere where the mosquitoes known to spread the virus are found.

At the moment, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands and American Samoa are the only parts of the United States with local transmission of the virus. But clusters of cases are expected to appear in Florida and along the Gulf Coast this summer.
This disease is a perfect r/K virus. Those who are best able to plan and delay a pregnancy are the K-selected. The r-selected lack the ability to plan and cannot control their bodies.

The rate of birth defects isn't likely to be terribly high, with only 1,500 cases so far in Brazil. (Though with the disease not well understood, there may be as yet unseen brain damage in far more.) When r-selected outbreed K, it is similar to having braindamaged Ks at the societal level. What Zika infection does to the brain of a baby, Zika avoidance does to the population.

Zika will not reach the land of the ice and snow. And winter, fortuitously, is coming.

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