Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Way to Stop Hitler Is to Do Exactly Like Weimar Germany

Progressives cannot stop signaling, and this is why progressivism will burn itself down. The #cuckservative is trying to stop the signaling spiral, but the #cuckservative is Hitler (as opposed to Trump being literally Hitler), so don't listen to them.

The lesson of Weimar Germany is the left should stop destroying the culture, tradition, economy. Pull back a bit, slow down the change, even reverse it a bit. Normally the #cuckservative would play this role, but they accelerated too quickly, scared the frog, and now the frogs and starting to think they might want out of the pot.

Is This the West’s Weimar Moment?
Setting aside debate about whether the rise of Nazism was built into the German DNA, there were four trends that led the country to reject its post-World War I constitutional, parliamentary democracy, known as the Weimar Republic: economic depression, loss of trust in institutions, social humiliation and political blunder. To a certain degree, these trends can be found across the West today.

First, the history. The Black Friday stock-market collapse of 1929 set off a global depression. As bad as things were in America, they were even worse in Germany, where industrial production shrank by half in the following three years. Stocks lost two-thirds of their value. Deflation and unemployment rocked the country. The Weimar government, already held in low esteem by many Germans, seemed to have no clue about what to do.

All this happened as traditional ways of life and values were being shaken by the modernization of the 1920s. Women suddenly went to work, to vote, to party and to sleep with whomever they wanted. This produced a widening cultural gap between the tradition-oriented working and middle classes and the cosmopolitan avant-garde — in politics, business and the arts — that reached a peak just when economic disaster struck. The elites were blamed for the resulting chaos, and the masses were ripe for a strongman to return order to society.
In the mind of a progressive, everything that actually caused the rise of Hitler is good, the problem is when the public reacts to progressivism, it needs to be put down with force. Yet, if it is impossible to unseat the elites through peaceful means and they use force (throwing out election results, conspiring to deny the largest party political power, jailing opposition leaders, etc.), while at the same time accelerating their agenda, then logic predicts an opposition dedicated to the use of force will eventually arise.

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