Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Left Is Making A Lot of Rope

Fox targeted by FEC Dems in first-ever vote to punish debate sponsorship
Finally making good on long-harbored anger at conservative media, Democrats on the Federal Election Commission voted in secret to punish Fox News' sponsorship of a Republican presidential debate, using an obscure law to charge the network with helping those on stage.

It is the first time in history that members of the FEC voted to punish a media outlet's debate sponsorship, and it follows several years of Democratic threats against conservative media and websites like the Drudge Report.

The punishment, however, was blocked by all three Republicans on the commission, resulting in a 3-3 tie vote and no action.
For all the complaints about right-wing fascism, it seems there are no Democrats out there thinking through their actions. The left is lucky Republicans block the attempts to sue AGW skeptics and punish media for putting people on a stage, otherwise malicious compliance and precedent would be enough to wipe out the progressive movement in America.

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