Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Economist Notices A Red Pill

Balls to all that
W. BRADFORD WILCOX, an academic at the University of Virginia who holds robust views on the benefits of marriage for adults and children, is used to sparking debates. But, after publishing a video about the economics of marriage, he was surprised to field criticism online from a character called “Turd Flinging Monkey”. In his own 15-minute broadcast, the chimp equated marriage to slavery. TFM, as he’s sometimes called for short, is a YouTube character created by a disciple of the Men Going Their Own Way movement. An online fraternity, MGTOW believe that marriage fails basic cost-benefit analysis. Why sacrifice sexual freedom for a wife who may later divorce you and take your children and assets? Better to eschew “gynocentric” conventions in favour of self-sovereignty, the logic goes.
Overall the article is balanced (for a progressive view) and the main critic sees the decline in marriage as the problem, but The Economist gives away it's bias in the subheader which agrees with the feminist quoted in the piece: The rebalancing of the sexes has spawned 21st-century misogyny.

The real story is the gatekeepers can no longer control The Narrative. They looked at a fringe of the Dark Enlightenment and had a little freak out, felt the need to let their readers know some bad think is going on in some corners of the Internet. God help them when they stare into the center.

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