Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Assertive Assimilate, The Passive Are Assimilated

How Beijing Turned Koreans Into Chinese

Millions of Koreans live in China, mostly in the Northeast near the North Korean border.
Given such a strong Korean influence on the region, it may seem logical that of Jilin’s ethnic Korean population many (if not most) would identify with one or both of the Koreas. Ethnic Koreans are, after all, described in Korean as tongpo; brethren abroad, compatriots borne of one ethnicity but living beyond the borders of their native land.

However, while this characterization generally holds true for older Chinese Koreans, in particular those who fled across the border to North Korea during the famine years of the Great Leap Forward and the mayhem of the Cultural Revolution, it is by no means applicable to the youngest generation. For them, the contemporary connection with South Korea is little more than functional, while that with North Korea barely exists at all.

Having grown up in the era of China’s rise, at a time when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has shown very little practical interest in the preservation of ethnic minority cultures and devoted a great deal of attention to forging some kind of “unified” Chinese identity, today’s youth of Yanbian identify as resolutely Chinese. In this brave new world, the pull of the “Korean Wave” and South Korean-based education and employment opportunities lack the power to shake China’s national foundations.
Extensive nationalist education since the 1990s worked in China. The young Koreans want to identify as Chinese, and they all hate Japan.

A cuckservative is like an old Korean in China who may lament the youth abandoning their identity. But while the Koreans may feel it more deeply, as long as they don't intermarry, proximity to Korea will eventually pull another generation back to their roots.

Ideology is nowhere near as secure as identity. In the GOP, the cuckservative doesn't realize the youth have been assimilated into the Cathedral or alt-right. The cuckservative don't realize the demographic shift entails a permanent political shift that subsumes ideology. The cuckservative thinks 2016 is an aberration and a return to normal is possible. It is not. One only needs to look at the falling stature of Paul Ryan to understand the base is gone. The grassroots are never coming back. Most of the GOPe and cuckservatives will be assimilated by either the Cathedral or alt-right.

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