Monday, June 20, 2016

Pozzing Utah

Alarming rise in Utah STD rates has health officials concerned
Last year, the county recorded a preliminary count of 1,028 cases of gonorrhea — more than five times reported levels in 2010.

Finalized numbers will be released in the department's annual infectious diseases report later this summer. But in the first quarter of 2016, gonorrhea cases are already 40 percent higher than in the same period last year, according to Beltran.

...Based on interviews with patients and their sexual partners over the past few months, Beltran said the majority of infections are among 15-34 year old white men and women. That is surprising given that STDs have historically been disproportionately prevalent in black and Hispanic communities, she said.

And although STDs also tend to be more prevalent in people with a history of incarceration and men who have sex with men, Utah’s gonorrhea outbreak seems to be increasing fastest in the general population, she said.

A significant portion of patients are also being diagnosed at hospitals and hospital-affiliated clinics rather than free or low-cost clinics, she said.

Beltran attributed the outbreak to use of dating apps like Tinder that help facilitate casual encounters and more sexual partners. “Sex is literally at your fingertips,” she said.
The Cathedral cracks the Temple.

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  1. all false religions get pozzed sooner or later. Only the Godly survive.





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