Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Baby, My Cat

Pro-life advocates might achieve more by producing a horror movie. Make it a little silly so more people will see it. Hey this is just a horror movie with a little plot turn based on abortion, we're not pro-life wackos!

Silly horror: A woman aborts her baby for some ridiculous reason and the baby's soul possesses her cat and sets about exacting revenge. End the movie with a PETA message:
It is estimated that between 60 and 100 million homeless cats live in the U.S.

Abortion is quite horrible though. Why not go full Eli Roth: the "abortion clinic" is run by psycho pro-lifers who kill moms and take the babies (maybe make the pro-lifer a pure psycho, pro-life as a quirk of his insanity, not any theology, in order to better misdirect the audience). Christians are pretty good with protests and they would help with marketing if you hint at it being anti-Christian, and you don't want good Christian folks going to see this filth anyway. Win-win! The back of the abortion clinic is hell, but out front is a nice and shiny adoption office. A nice couple come and take the main character's baby away. Then the camera pans to next door, the real abortion clinic. A woman walks out with a look of sadness and loss on her face. Then it pans into the nice clean clinic and follows a technician who carries something to a big freezer. It opens and she makes a new addition to the wall of aborted fetuses. Pan back to the front of the clinic to a pregnant woman sitting alone in the waiting room. "Sally, are your ready for your procedure?"

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