Friday, June 17, 2016

Democracy: Choose Racism Or Anarcho-Tyranny

Denying people on the "terror watch list" or "no fly list" access to firearms, as well as poison, fertilizer, and explosives, is common sense. Yet America's government is dysfunctional. The Department of Homeland Security put out reports calling right-wingers and military veterans potential terrorists. The head of DHS confirmed these reports weren't a mistake that has been corrected, but official policy:
One month after the San Bernardino terrorist attack that left 14 innocent people dead, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told advisors that right wing extremists pose just as much of a threat to the country as Islamic extremists.
A broad definition of terrorism would also extend to any groups involved in the San Jose violent protests against Trump, eco-terror, "extreme" animal rights activism (such as property damage), and the G7 protesters that travel around the globe. The more progressive Progressives even declare words are violence, possibly even extending this to punctuation. Any broad expansion of government power will result in an expansion of tyranny for some segment of the general public. Anarcho-Tyranny is the order of the day.

Paul Ryan On Stopping A President Trump's Muslim Ban: We'll Sue Him!

We know the general public will eventually hand USG far greater power because there will be more terror attacks. It could be a string of Pulse/San Bernadino shootings or another spectacular attack like 9/11, but eventually the government will be given a free hand. On one side will be expanding police powers, on the other, if the alt-right survives, "anti-Muslim terror" policies.

Conservatives have a nice principled position of competent government, of only targeting actual terrorists with expanded powers. Yet they have utterly failed to stop the expansion and abuse of government power. They offer a false choice to voters, one that becomes obvious once there is another option.

The conservative political establishment is bleeding authority because is had no credible alternative to Anarcho-Tyranny. Conservatives favor increased immigration which leads to demographic shifts that cause a rise in Anarcho-Tyranny. The alt-right offers an alternative. In a first-past-the-post electoral system, parties form around binary issues. On the issues that increasingly matter to voters, conservatives are indistinguishable from progressive leftists in the eventual policy outcome, differing only in speed and the amount of Constitutional destruction caused by the process.

The hope of the conservative establishment is Trump either wins, and they fight him to live another day, or Trump loses and the alt-right goes away. Neither is likely unless economic policy returns to the forefront, or security shifts away from terror to Russia and China, or other issues that allow conservatives to distinguish themselves from progressives.

Whether one loves or hates the alt-right, it stands a good chance of replacing conservatism. Conservatives do not accept the reality of the situation, have no credible policy response, and will likely go extinct as a serious political force far sooner than anyone expects.

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