Monday, June 06, 2016

Cowen Attemps to Redefine Neoreaction

Cowen is now either in full Straussian mode or he is having his reaction to the alt-right and dubbing it neoreaction. The Straussian reading, based on how he trolls his readers on occasion, is that the post is inviting a flood of actual neoreactionaries to comment and respond to his post, which is mostly a regurgitation of liberal (classical or not) talking points. If he wants to engage in fully deniable intellectual terrorism of the professoriat he couldn't do much better than this: What is neo-reaction?

No excerpts, it must be enjoyed in full.

This is the most Straussian/troll line:
Fourth, America is global policeman and also the center of world innovation, so it cannot afford the luxury of a declining population, and thus we must find a way to make immigration work.

Trump's candidacy is causing a separation among the conservatives, between what the alt-right would dub the cucks and the rest.

Neoreaction and most of the "dark enlightenment" is an even deeper split.

Whether Cowen is trolling or not, eventually there will be very hard breaks among the right and left if NRx speaks any modicum of truth.

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