Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cathedral Insanities

Outside In has several long comment threats on the Jo Cox shooting as a point of disagreement on the alt-right.

Lunatic Activism
If the Right succeeds at making anything out of the collapse of the reigning order, it will be because it has pacified its own fringe of lunatic activism. It’s far from clear that it’s capable of doing that. What is clear though, is that the Alt-Right tendency — taken generally — is not anywhere close to seriously trying. The idiots pretending to be your friends will hurt you far more than the idiots on the other side. Mere survival requires principled dissociation from anyone promoting crime and terror as political tactics. Violent criminality is not even slightly OK. (It’s questionable whether politics is even slightly OK.)

If “no enemies on the right” moderates condemnation of rabid animals, it’s a formula for political suicide.
I left a comment over there, the short and sweet of which is the Left (Cathedral) makes this type of violence possible. Second, the evidence over the past couple of year suggests right-wing violence isn't harming the right. Vox notes it here: The counterintuitive. More here Sentences #59 and here Frankenstein.

The Cathedral is losing its ability to keep basic order. Entropy is increasing. More violence is coming because the old order is breaking down.

It's a pity the USA did not destroy fascism and communism at once, but the infiltration by then was extensive.
Lend-Lease provided vital help for the Soviet Union when the country was in desperate straits and made a significant contribution to the final victory. It also strengthened Josef Stalin, a fact that did not bother its chief architect, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who saw beyond the Allied victory and looked at Stalin as a counterbalance to the European colonial powers.
Communist Jesus, "you will have the fascists always with you." Communists conjure their demons from within.

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