Wednesday, June 29, 2016


From 1999: Why Britain should join America
BRITAIN LURCHES SLOWLY and painfully toward membership in the emerging European federal state. Before it is too late, we should consider an entirely different and revolutionary scenario. Britain, plus other English-speaking nations, such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand, should join the U.S. In so doing, the newcomers would attach themselves to the dynamic U.S. economy, leaving behind the stagnancy and depressing statism of Europe. They would come in as two dozen or so states, picking up a suitable number of House and Senate seats that would together constitute a significant voting block. The U.S. would add 111 million of population, $2.4 trillion of gross domestic product and enhance its status as the world’s leading economy and the world’s policeman.
A formal union is unnecessary, but a closer voluntary alliance similar to the British Commonwealth makes imminent sense.
Moreover, they do not like being lied to. When Britain joined what was then called the European Common Market, later known as the Community, they were assured that the object was free trade, and that there could be no question of Britain’s joining a European federal state, or surrendering British national sovereignty.

It is now abundantly clear that a federal superstate is indeed the object of the EU’s dominant powers, France and Germany. They insist that the launching of the common currency, the euro, is the first, key step toward the new supranationality. Britain, they say, will be able to stay out of the euro for only two or three years at the most.
In a perfect world, Mexico would be kicked out of NAFTA and Australia and Britain, and Ireland if it wishes, be added. Scotland would have a harder time moving into the EU if a slightly more formal structure was in place, given the Scottish diaspora across the Anglosphere nations.

Aside from trade, immigration policy could be harmonized, such that the strictest policies of each nation are adopted across the Anglosphere. If the USA bans Muslims, Britain has to clean out Londonistan. Canada has a strict points system and Australia sinks migrant boats. Immigration should be tightened further, but that gets the ball rolling in the right direction.

The EU has sparked secessionist movements by reducing the need for larger nation-state. A slightly more formal Anglosphere alliance would make it easier for Texas and the South to secede from the United States, while remaining within the Greater Union. Everyone in the Anglosphere wants to cut DC down to size, this is one way to do it.

An advantage of Anglosphere cooperation and closer ties is pull towards Anglo identity. The Alt-right in America try to forge a white identity, but closer ties to the whiter Anglosphere would by definition crowd out the multicultural impulse and progressives would reliably respond in exactly the right way for encouraging stronger identification as an Anglo.

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