Friday, June 03, 2016

A New People: the White Americans

White tribalism is already accepted as inevitable, the message has even reached MSNBC.

Trump Could Win With Only A Modest Increase In The White Vote

The final statement in that video is about the demographic changes being uncontrollable. They are not.

If you don't want to live in a country with tribal politics, the demographic changes have to be halted and reversed.

The left will become White Nationalist. Trump as tribal leader
This is a very positive development for America, because America is, and always has been, a white Anglo nation. The fact that the political entity has been invaded and that political citizenship has been granted to anyone and everyone with a pulse merely means that the nation has submitted and been oppressed, it doesn't mean that the nation has been changed in any material manner. Playing word games with definitions is the hallmark of those who stand irretrievably opposed to history, science, and reality, and they always wind up losing in the end.

Those who decry "Trumpism" have it entirely backwards. Trump is merely riding the wave of the rise of the birth of a generic white American identity, which like all such identities, is the result of external pressure rather than internal conviction. And that is why it does not matter what he says or does, because unlike so many of his predecessors on both sides of the political aisle, Donald Trump has aligned himself with the white American tribe.

It is long past time for white Americans to follow the lead of the blacks, the Jews, and the Asians, and allow themselves to be guided solely by the principle: is it good for the whites? Serve the nation, not the empire.

As for those who cry for the empire and fear it will be destroyed, yes, that is exactly what will happen. It is not longer fit for purpose. But it is a little late for tears, as its fate was settled in 1965.
If you're a conservative who doesn't want identity politics, you should support a freeze on all immigration except for maybe the truly exceptional talent, deportation of illegals and stripping of birthright citizenship for children of illegals. Deportation well beyond 11 million people. If you do this and this alone, as distasteful as you may find it, you will probably kill off the white identity movement. A serious and permanent rollback of diversity laws, such as no affirmative action except for descendants of American slaves, would probably guarantee success.

If you're a white progressive, take a look at how you fared in San Jose. You were reduced to either supporting violence or more likely saying, "Don't you know you're helping Trump?" and "This is counter productive." Welcome to the sidelines of American politics, you are becoming bystanders. You are on the side of foreigners who don't care a whit about your ideology. For people on the right, there's no longer any point in debating with you. Progressives as an ideological force are going the way of the Birchers if there's no reversal of demographics.

Tribal politics is corrupt. This will lead whites to demand unequal treatment, a return of power so that white majorities can negotiate among themselves in the states. They will demand freedom from anarcho-tyranny and tribal politics. Why should there be TSA security for a white person flying from Vermont to Iowa? Tribal politics is pure democracy, negotiation for what you want. Asking "what is good for whites?" will eventually lead to answers similar to those reached by Southerners in 1860. For the center to hold, power will be devolved. If not, the empire will dissolve.

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