Thursday, June 30, 2016

Competent Singapore

Brexit Vote Shows Rising Far-Right Nationalism, Singapore Says
"There is a resurgence of what pundits and political analysts call far-right, a rising nationalism, which is a reaction hearkened to so-called ‘good old days’, not remembering that the good old days also have many, many bad points," Ng told reporters at a media conference ahead of Singapore Armed Forces day. "We want to be neutral, in terms of not being judgmental because this is as history goes. But nonetheless, it is a challenge," he said.

The Left Is Making A Lot of Rope

Fox targeted by FEC Dems in first-ever vote to punish debate sponsorship
Finally making good on long-harbored anger at conservative media, Democrats on the Federal Election Commission voted in secret to punish Fox News' sponsorship of a Republican presidential debate, using an obscure law to charge the network with helping those on stage.

It is the first time in history that members of the FEC voted to punish a media outlet's debate sponsorship, and it follows several years of Democratic threats against conservative media and websites like the Drudge Report.

The punishment, however, was blocked by all three Republicans on the commission, resulting in a 3-3 tie vote and no action.
For all the complaints about right-wing fascism, it seems there are no Democrats out there thinking through their actions. The left is lucky Republicans block the attempts to sue AGW skeptics and punish media for putting people on a stage, otherwise malicious compliance and precedent would be enough to wipe out the progressive movement in America.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


From 1999: Why Britain should join America
BRITAIN LURCHES SLOWLY and painfully toward membership in the emerging European federal state. Before it is too late, we should consider an entirely different and revolutionary scenario. Britain, plus other English-speaking nations, such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand, should join the U.S. In so doing, the newcomers would attach themselves to the dynamic U.S. economy, leaving behind the stagnancy and depressing statism of Europe. They would come in as two dozen or so states, picking up a suitable number of House and Senate seats that would together constitute a significant voting block. The U.S. would add 111 million of population, $2.4 trillion of gross domestic product and enhance its status as the world’s leading economy and the world’s policeman.
A formal union is unnecessary, but a closer voluntary alliance similar to the British Commonwealth makes imminent sense.
Moreover, they do not like being lied to. When Britain joined what was then called the European Common Market, later known as the Community, they were assured that the object was free trade, and that there could be no question of Britain’s joining a European federal state, or surrendering British national sovereignty.

It is now abundantly clear that a federal superstate is indeed the object of the EU’s dominant powers, France and Germany. They insist that the launching of the common currency, the euro, is the first, key step toward the new supranationality. Britain, they say, will be able to stay out of the euro for only two or three years at the most.
In a perfect world, Mexico would be kicked out of NAFTA and Australia and Britain, and Ireland if it wishes, be added. Scotland would have a harder time moving into the EU if a slightly more formal structure was in place, given the Scottish diaspora across the Anglosphere nations.

Aside from trade, immigration policy could be harmonized, such that the strictest policies of each nation are adopted across the Anglosphere. If the USA bans Muslims, Britain has to clean out Londonistan. Canada has a strict points system and Australia sinks migrant boats. Immigration should be tightened further, but that gets the ball rolling in the right direction.

The EU has sparked secessionist movements by reducing the need for larger nation-state. A slightly more formal Anglosphere alliance would make it easier for Texas and the South to secede from the United States, while remaining within the Greater Union. Everyone in the Anglosphere wants to cut DC down to size, this is one way to do it.

An advantage of Anglosphere cooperation and closer ties is pull towards Anglo identity. The Alt-right in America try to forge a white identity, but closer ties to the whiter Anglosphere would by definition crowd out the multicultural impulse and progressives would reliably respond in exactly the right way for encouraging stronger identification as an Anglo.

Make Ford Pay For the Wall

People are claiming the Sacramento attackers are funded by the Ford Foundation.
The full name of Felarca’s group is The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary — but it is usually shortened to By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

The group and Felarca herself have a history of gain engaging in violent protest.

In 2012, Felarca was described as a “Northern California Coordinator of BAMN and a middle school teacher in Berkeley.” She was an activist in the Occupy movement and in Black Lives Matter-connected protests at the University of California at Berkeley, where she told the New York Times she thought “militant” actions were appropriate:
She openly admits BAMN planned on attacking people at the rally. This was a planned and organized violation of free speech rights.

It would be interesting if the Ford Foundation funded an organization dedication to the violation of fundamental civil rights. The Ford Foundation has just about enough money to pay for the wall.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Baby, My Cat

Pro-life advocates might achieve more by producing a horror movie. Make it a little silly so more people will see it. Hey this is just a horror movie with a little plot turn based on abortion, we're not pro-life wackos!

Silly horror: A woman aborts her baby for some ridiculous reason and the baby's soul possesses her cat and sets about exacting revenge. End the movie with a PETA message:
It is estimated that between 60 and 100 million homeless cats live in the U.S.

Abortion is quite horrible though. Why not go full Eli Roth: the "abortion clinic" is run by psycho pro-lifers who kill moms and take the babies (maybe make the pro-lifer a pure psycho, pro-life as a quirk of his insanity, not any theology, in order to better misdirect the audience). Christians are pretty good with protests and they would help with marketing if you hint at it being anti-Christian, and you don't want good Christian folks going to see this filth anyway. Win-win! The back of the abortion clinic is hell, but out front is a nice and shiny adoption office. A nice couple come and take the main character's baby away. Then the camera pans to next door, the real abortion clinic. A woman walks out with a look of sadness and loss on her face. Then it pans into the nice clean clinic and follows a technician who carries something to a big freezer. It opens and she makes a new addition to the wall of aborted fetuses. Pan back to the front of the clinic to a pregnant woman sitting alone in the waiting room. "Sally, are your ready for your procedure?"

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cathedral Sighting in Sacramento!

The curtain is pulled back for a moment. Even the reporter doesn't know how to script the Narrative because reality was too disconnected from it. Hence she reports what she sees: insane leftists wielding bats, bottles and knives, with a 10:1 numberical advantage, chasing down supposed "Nazis."

Brexit is Bear Stearns

Waiting for Humpty Dumpty
Brexit is a Bear Stearns moment, not a Lehman moment. That’s not to diminish what’s happening (markets felt like death in March, 2008), but this isn’t the event to make you run for the hills. Why not? Because it doesn’t directly crater the global currency system. It’s not too big of a shock for the central banks to control. It’s not a Humpty Dumpty event, where all the Fed’s horses and all the Fed’s men can’t glue the eggshell back together. But it is an event that forces investors to wake up and prepare their portfolios for the very real systemic risks ahead.

There are two market risks associated with Brexit, just as there were two market risks associated with Bear Stearns.

In the short term, the risk is a liquidity shock, or what’s more commonly called a Flash Crash. That could happen today, or it could happen next week if some hedge fund or shadow banking counterparty got totally wrong-footed on this trade and — like Bear Stearns — is taken out into the street and shot in the head.

In the long term, the risk is an acceleration of a Eurozone break-up, which is indeed a Lehman moment (literally, as banks like Deutsche Bank will become both insolvent and illiquid). There are two paths for this. Either you get a bad election/referendum in France (a 2017 event) or you get a currency float in China (an anytime event). Brexit just increased the likelihood of these Humpty Dumpty events by a non-trivial degree.
Die Welt Calls For Merkel's Resignation, Slams "EU's Gravedigger"
Britain leaves the EU because a majority no longer wants to tolerate the union's political failure. One key factor contributing to that is the German chancellor's solo attempts in the refugee policy.

...Europe has neglected its citizens -- not the other way round. When those citizens can watch the EU, the spin-off and replacement of the traditional nations, doing badly on a daily basis, its leaders should not be surprised when an increasing number of people prefer the somehow functioning original to the shaky innovation. This is the real reason, rather than stupidity and backwardness, that made nationalism, already on the way out, fashionable again in the middle of Europe. The narrow outcome, which would have been impossible one year ago, also shows clearly that Angela Merkel's laissez-faire in the refugee crisis has ruined David Cameron's political career -- and estranged Britain from the EU for good. It was the pictures of the Balkans and the excesses of Cologne, which UKIP [United Kingdom Independence Party] leader Farage loved to refer to with relish, that decided the Brexit.
Almost the entire world is insolvent. The demographics don't work. The immigrants brought in to fix the demographics, don't work either. Even the ones who work, don't work because they consume more in resources. A solo illegal doing roofing is adding to the economy even if subtracting a job from a local, but an illegal with two or three anchor babies and their mother is running up $20-$30,000 in educational costs alone. Tack on welfare and it's a monetary sinkhole.

It's possible that illegals and their welfare benefits, along with increased food stamps and such, is near 100 percent of economy "growth." U.S. federal government debt alone was about 2.5 percent of GDP in FY2015, the smallest in years, yet economic growth will be lucky to exceed 2 percent in 2016 and has been running at about 2 percent since the 2008 crisis.

Public and private debt combined is multiples of GDP. There's no room left for debt driven growth unless you find new borrowers. China was that borrower and they went hog wild on debt for about 4 years, and now they're going hog wild on debt to keep from defaulting on trillions of dollars worth of debt from the last binge.

Meanwhile Boomer pension funds are all assuming 6-8% returns in the stock market. Medicare costs are projected to become 100% of the budget in about 10-15 years, and the U.S. has better demographics and better finances than Europe. (U.S. debt to GDP is higher, but the banks were bailed out. Countries such as Germany have yet to experience their banking crisis.)

Long story short, there's no financial wiggle room. Aside from slashing non-cash expenses such as the regulatory state (which would have positive impact), it's difficult even for a fiscally strong, free market policy to have positive effects without crippling levels of inflation.

Nearly every currency, including the U.S. dollar, is at risk of significant devaluation. Or asset prices will collapse amid deflation. If the U.S. dollar crashes, then every other currency crashes with it because a 40% crash in the U.S. dollar is the economic equivalent of President Trump announcing a 40% across the board tariff. More likely, as we've been seeing and has played out historically, is foreign currencies will devalue first. The yuan is tottering, the pound is below 2008 lows, 2001 lows. The euro is above its 2000 of $0.85, but even a return to parity at this point would be a crisis for financial markets.

The Cathedral has wrecked the economy. There is only the final settlement remaining. If I had to bet, it will be European politics or Chinese economics that undoes the world, and if one happens, the either will follow. Yet one alone is enough to blow up the world economy.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

What's Next After Brexit?

The voice of rejoicing and salvation
Is in the tents of the righteous;
The right hand of the Lord does valiantly.
The right hand of the Lord is exalted;
The right hand of the Lord does valiantly.
I shall not die, but live,
And declare the works of the Lord.
The Lord has chastened me severely,
But He has not given me over to death.
Open to me the gates of righteousness;
I will go through them,
And I will praise the Lord.
This is the gate of the Lord,
Through which the righteous shall enter.
I will praise You,
For You have answered me,
And have become my salvation.
The stone which the builders rejected
Has become the chief cornerstone.
This was the Lord’s doing;
It is marvelous in our eyes.
This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Save now, I pray, O Lord;
O Lord, I pray, send now prosperity.
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!
We have blessed you from the house of the Lord.
God is the Lord,
And He has given us light;
Bind the sacrifice with cords to the horns of the altar.
You are my God, and I will praise You;
You are my God, I will exalt You.
Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
For His mercy endures forever.

Charlton: Brexit - blip or inflexion point?
One scenario is that pretty soon, the fickle, mass media-addicted majority will soon forget this vote, just like they have forgotten many other (should-have-been) highly significant events over the past decades. (The mass media, after all, are overwhelmingly in favour of Remain.)

Very clearly, the vote is evidence of a massive popular rejection of the Establishment leadership (as well as the EU, which is part of precisely the same nexus).

But a negative impulse is insignificant - in and of itself merely a venting of disgust.

What will happen now depends on whether the majority vote is evidence of a positive and strategic resolve towards a new future for England: this would have to be some kind of 'spiritual' movement, a new destiny for the nation; because that is the only kind of thing which motivates large populations over long periods of time.
Events are moving in favor of major political change. Even the fools will achieve victory and enjoy a time in the Sun. A change of the faces on the old institutions. Whether those institutions are torn down and replaced, or old and weakened institutions are breathed new life, is a separate matter. Pushing on an open door is easy. The real black pill isn't being defeated by your enemy, it's defeating yourself. Being given the greatest opportunity, and wasting it.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Throw Away Your Black Pills, The Fire Has Started

I see there are some black pills going around about the Brexit. If nothing changes, then political subterfuge is certainly possible, but something major has occurred.

Here's the white pill.

We are in the middle of a depression and the central bankers are trying to keep currencies in a tight range, to avoid competitive devaluations and prevent a U.S. dollar bull market and deflationary collapse. If "The Powers That Be" used Brexit as an excuse to punish Britain by trashing the pound, they also have gifted the UK a free win in the competitive devaluation battle. The UK has won everything. Everything that is "bad" for the UK, like falling stock prices, is happening to everyone. The tumbling pound is great in terms of financial war, the UK is "beating" everyone.

In order to pop a black pill, you have to assume the British establishment reverses today's loss and gains more political power, and they use it to block an exit. The EU gives Britain better terms of membership. The euro doesn't fall to a new low, the U.S. Dollar Index doesn't rally above 100 and keep moving higher. Italy, Spain, Greece and other piggies do not have another debt crisis, no major European banks go under. All other EU nations with nationalist movements, or socialists like Podemos in Spain who want to renegotiate debt terms, fail to gain any traction (the Spanish election is Sunday and Podemos is surging). If the dollar goes over 100 there will be debt crises all over the globe. If euro has a crisis, Brexiters will scream for the UK to get out immediately to avoid paying for a bailout. China's economy is tottering, cannot take any deterioration in global trade and China could take down the global economy by itself.

The globalists still have an edge, but they have far more risk of something going wrong, and that something leading to a cascade of things going wrong. Whereas had Remain won tonight, it wouldn't have really improved the outlook for the EU over the next 5 years. Instead, the globalists took a stinging loss at the ballot box and then financial markets compounded it by send the price of literally every single asset in the "wrong" direction for globalists.

Update: Looking at the price moves on Friday, here's the shocker: there's been no cost for Brexit.

Even the European banks, which I warned about above, are not at new lows. There are a couple of things to worry about, such as a new low for the Chinese yuan, but for the most part, Brexit is a giant nothing burger for the markets directly impacted by the decision.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Last Brexit Poll Shows Leave Losing Support

Deus Vult: God Wants You to Brexit

Here is a map of Brexit support. Notice the big red dot in the southeast, London. Then look at National Severe Weather Warning from the Met Office.

Political outcomes are improved by voter suppression. Any barrier to entry, however mild, will remove the least informed and least motivated voters. Any trivial barrier will do.

If Leave wins tomorrow and turnout in London is low, Rejoice and Thank God, for He hath delivered thee from evil.

Also pray that He delivers an early blizzard across the US Midwest come November.

Brits Don't Like EU

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Last Chance to Brexit

BREAKING: British Drivers Attacked in Calais By Migrants Before EU Referendum
Social media reports suggest that there is serious violence going on in Calais with the BBC suppressing the news to help Remain as it struggles in the polls before the Brexit vote:

Monday, June 20, 2016

I Pledge Allegiance to Hello Kitty

FBI Releases Censored Orlando 911 Call Transcripts
Orlando Police Dispatcher (OD): Emergency 911, this is being recorded.

Shooter (OM): In the name of God the Merciful, the beneficial [in Arabic]

OD: What?

OM: Praise be to God, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of God [in Arabic]. I let you know, I'm in Orlando and I did the shootings.

OD: What's your name?

OM: My name is I pledge of allegiance to [Hello Kitty].

OD: Ok, What's your name?

OM: I pledge allegiance to [Hello Kitty] may God protect him [in Arabic], on behalf of [Hello Kitty].

OD: Alright, where are you at?

OM: In Orlando.

OD: Where in Orlando?

[End of call.]

Pozzing Utah

Alarming rise in Utah STD rates has health officials concerned
Last year, the county recorded a preliminary count of 1,028 cases of gonorrhea — more than five times reported levels in 2010.

Finalized numbers will be released in the department's annual infectious diseases report later this summer. But in the first quarter of 2016, gonorrhea cases are already 40 percent higher than in the same period last year, according to Beltran.

...Based on interviews with patients and their sexual partners over the past few months, Beltran said the majority of infections are among 15-34 year old white men and women. That is surprising given that STDs have historically been disproportionately prevalent in black and Hispanic communities, she said.

And although STDs also tend to be more prevalent in people with a history of incarceration and men who have sex with men, Utah’s gonorrhea outbreak seems to be increasing fastest in the general population, she said.

A significant portion of patients are also being diagnosed at hospitals and hospital-affiliated clinics rather than free or low-cost clinics, she said.

Beltran attributed the outbreak to use of dating apps like Tinder that help facilitate casual encounters and more sexual partners. “Sex is literally at your fingertips,” she said.
The Cathedral cracks the Temple.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Carve Up the Blue With Political Preppers

Driving Through Dying Blue Towns
Lawn signs whisk by. The reliably blue area only has blue on blue elections. Good old Mr. Democrat is still in politics, a reliable, local face for the establishment Democrats, but there is a challenger from the Bernie wing who at twenty-five has your friends on Facebook’s approval and wants you to “expect more”. More what? Your home town is a perfect little hideaway from the rest of the world. Then you put on the news and realize something is not quite right. The local news A-block now has crime stories, not moose-on-the-loose laughers. The governor speaks the truth, but it is in an uncouth manner so the good liberals can voice disapproval of him for stating the obvious. How did heroin get here? Where are the children?
Vermont has a population of 626,000. The population is already going into decline. If the Cathedral has a killzone, Vermont is in it.

Less than 20% of Vermont residents are under the age of 18, about 125,000.

You don't skate to where the puck is, you skate to where the puck will be.

Vermont Population Projections – 2010 - 2030

In general, an age cohort projection model starts with the population total for a particular age group at a given point in time. The Census bureau reports most age cohorts in 5 year groups and thus, five year
groups are used in this model. At the end of a ten year period, the population for an age cohort is equal to the beginning population total minus the mortality and plus or minus the migration during the ten year period. For example, In year 2000, according to the US census, Vermont’s 25-29 age cohort population was 34,182.

Ten years later, in year 2010, Vermont’s 35-39 age cohort population was 36,358 - according to Census reporting. Between 2000 and 2010, about 50 people in that age cohort died (0.15% mortality rate over the ten year period).

By taking into account the population increase and mortality rate for the the age cohort, the migration rate can be calculated.

Migration = 36,358 – 34,182 + 50 = 2226 or 6.51% of the 2000 five year age cohort

“Projecting” into the future, would suggest that the 2020 population of 35-39 year olds will equal the 2010 population of 25-29 year olds (35,441) minus mortality (again, about .15%) plus the 6.51% net migration rate. 2020 projected population of 35-39 year olds = 37,700
The Free State Project moved 20,000 people to New Hampshire for its better political climate, but NH has a population of 1.3 million.

If the same number of people moved to Vermont (10,000 couples) and had on average 3 children each, they would capture 20% of the state's future demographics with that first generation.
Decades ago, many blue states voted on legislation pushing, manufacturing, natural resource, and paper companies out of their states. Those same voters felt righteous supporting environmental causes funded by elites and specific industrial interests to continuously ratchet up environmental regulations until all those manufacturing jobs were off-shored. Thousands, if not millions, of jobs left those states, and welfare from the federal government and service economy jobs took their place. Those blue collar jobs did not require mountains of non-dischargeable student loans and could provide for a family. Not everyone was cut out to be a PhD in physics, but many could become a draftsman or a reliable worker in the lumberyard. If your hometown had even worse luck, those social services pulled in an underclass that changed the streets at night within a decade. If those newcomers have children, you do not want your kid in school with them.
Vermont has gutted its economy and is cursed with poz, but demographically, the numbers don't look better in many other states. Down South, the only state that comes close is Tennessee. Wild cards are diseases such as Zika and global cooling. There will be few riots when the welfare checks stop; the lazy will migrate south. As it stands today, things are going well, energy is cheap, the dollar is strong, and people are still unable to pay heating bills:
More Americans Dying From Hypothermia, CDC Says
Those most at risk for hypothermia include seniors, the mentally ill, people addicted to alcohol or drugs, and those living alone, according to the analysis published Feb. 20 in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, a publication of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Hypothermia is a dangerous drop in body temperature.

Cathedral Insanities

Outside In has several long comment threats on the Jo Cox shooting as a point of disagreement on the alt-right.

Lunatic Activism
If the Right succeeds at making anything out of the collapse of the reigning order, it will be because it has pacified its own fringe of lunatic activism. It’s far from clear that it’s capable of doing that. What is clear though, is that the Alt-Right tendency — taken generally — is not anywhere close to seriously trying. The idiots pretending to be your friends will hurt you far more than the idiots on the other side. Mere survival requires principled dissociation from anyone promoting crime and terror as political tactics. Violent criminality is not even slightly OK. (It’s questionable whether politics is even slightly OK.)

If “no enemies on the right” moderates condemnation of rabid animals, it’s a formula for political suicide.
I left a comment over there, the short and sweet of which is the Left (Cathedral) makes this type of violence possible. Second, the evidence over the past couple of year suggests right-wing violence isn't harming the right. Vox notes it here: The counterintuitive. More here Sentences #59 and here Frankenstein.

The Cathedral is losing its ability to keep basic order. Entropy is increasing. More violence is coming because the old order is breaking down.

It's a pity the USA did not destroy fascism and communism at once, but the infiltration by then was extensive.
Lend-Lease provided vital help for the Soviet Union when the country was in desperate straits and made a significant contribution to the final victory. It also strengthened Josef Stalin, a fact that did not bother its chief architect, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who saw beyond the Allied victory and looked at Stalin as a counterbalance to the European colonial powers.
Communist Jesus, "you will have the fascists always with you." Communists conjure their demons from within.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Democracy: Choose Racism Or Anarcho-Tyranny

Denying people on the "terror watch list" or "no fly list" access to firearms, as well as poison, fertilizer, and explosives, is common sense. Yet America's government is dysfunctional. The Department of Homeland Security put out reports calling right-wingers and military veterans potential terrorists. The head of DHS confirmed these reports weren't a mistake that has been corrected, but official policy:
One month after the San Bernardino terrorist attack that left 14 innocent people dead, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told advisors that right wing extremists pose just as much of a threat to the country as Islamic extremists.
A broad definition of terrorism would also extend to any groups involved in the San Jose violent protests against Trump, eco-terror, "extreme" animal rights activism (such as property damage), and the G7 protesters that travel around the globe. The more progressive Progressives even declare words are violence, possibly even extending this to punctuation. Any broad expansion of government power will result in an expansion of tyranny for some segment of the general public. Anarcho-Tyranny is the order of the day.

Paul Ryan On Stopping A President Trump's Muslim Ban: We'll Sue Him!

We know the general public will eventually hand USG far greater power because there will be more terror attacks. It could be a string of Pulse/San Bernadino shootings or another spectacular attack like 9/11, but eventually the government will be given a free hand. On one side will be expanding police powers, on the other, if the alt-right survives, "anti-Muslim terror" policies.

Conservatives have a nice principled position of competent government, of only targeting actual terrorists with expanded powers. Yet they have utterly failed to stop the expansion and abuse of government power. They offer a false choice to voters, one that becomes obvious once there is another option.

The conservative political establishment is bleeding authority because is had no credible alternative to Anarcho-Tyranny. Conservatives favor increased immigration which leads to demographic shifts that cause a rise in Anarcho-Tyranny. The alt-right offers an alternative. In a first-past-the-post electoral system, parties form around binary issues. On the issues that increasingly matter to voters, conservatives are indistinguishable from progressive leftists in the eventual policy outcome, differing only in speed and the amount of Constitutional destruction caused by the process.

The hope of the conservative establishment is Trump either wins, and they fight him to live another day, or Trump loses and the alt-right goes away. Neither is likely unless economic policy returns to the forefront, or security shifts away from terror to Russia and China, or other issues that allow conservatives to distinguish themselves from progressives.

Whether one loves or hates the alt-right, it stands a good chance of replacing conservatism. Conservatives do not accept the reality of the situation, have no credible policy response, and will likely go extinct as a serious political force far sooner than anyone expects.

Pope Francis Says A True Thing, World Shocked

Pope's comments on modern marriage raise storm of criticism
Pope Francis has said the "great majority" of Catholic marriages being celebrated today are invalid because couples do not fully realize it is a lifetime commitment, drawing sharp criticism from Church conservatives.

The pope, who has come under fire before for making spontaneous comments about doctrinal matters, was speaking at a question-and-answer session with priests, nuns and parish workers on Thursday night in a Rome basilica.

"We are living in a provisional culture," Francis said in response to a man who spoke of "the crisis of marriage" and asked how the Church could better prepare young couples.
The words "great majority" were later changed to some, and as an objective statement of fact, it is true. The divorce rate would not be where it is today if people truly believed marriage was for life.

Where the comments raise some concern is in light of the push by Cardinal Kasper to allow divorced Catholics to receive Communion:
The journalist, Valentina Alazraki, asked Pope Francis, "Will the divorced and remarried be able to receive Communion?"

The Pope responded, "What the Church wants is for you to integrate yourself into the life of the Church. But there are those who say, 'No, I want to receive Communion, and that's it' — like a rosette, an honorary award. No. Reintegrate yourself."
The were some conservative critics:
Ross Douthat, the conservative Catholic writer and New York Times columnist, said in one of his some 20 tweets on the subject that Francis had made "an extraordinary, irresponsible and ridiculous claim".

Matthew Schmitz, editor at the conservative First Things Catholic magazine, called the pope "wrong and irresponsible".

Edward Peters, a U.S. canon lawyer who has been an adviser to the Vatican, wrote that the pope's words were "very bad" because they could spur couples in difficult marriages to "give up now" instead of trying to overcome problems.
There's plenty to dislike about Francis, but reading the plain meaning of his words, he is challenging all Catholics to reflect upon their sacred marriage vows. Then there's this statement:
The idea of commitments being temporary "occurs everywhere, even in priestly and religious life. The provisional. And for this reason a large majority of sacramental marriages are null. They say 'yes, for my whole life,' but they do not know what they are saying because they have a different culture," he said.
This is a "red pill." Modern man immersed in the mainstream culture visits the Church on Sunday, or maybe only twice a year. Many people go to favorite restaurants more often than they go to Church. They give more 1 hour blocks of time to a favorite TV show than they do to Mass.

Meanwhile, Pope Benedict XVI is still active: Not One Pope But Two, One “Active” and One “Contemplative”
The resignation of the papacy was not his last act. Already in his withdrawal from the see of Peter, in that memorable February of 2013, Joseph Ratzinger made sure to say that in his election as pope there had been something that would remain “forever.”

In fact, he continues to wear the white tunic, continues to sign himself “Benedictus XVI, pope emeritus,” continues to use the coat of arms with the two Petrine keys, continues to live “in the enclosure of Saint Peter,” continues to have himself called “Holiness” and “Holy Father.”

And most recently the archbishop in closest contact with him, Georg Gänswein, has told us that Benedict “has by no means abandoned the office of Peter,” but on the contrary has made it “an expanded ministry, with an active member and a contemplative member,” in “a collegial and synodal dimension, almost a shared ministry”

And right away appeared some who justified him theoretically. Like the other canonist Stefano Violi, who maintains that Benedict XVI did not by any means renounce the office of Peter, but only his active exercise of governance and magisterium, keeping for himself the exercise of prayer and compassion. Precisely what Gänswein gave as fact one month ago: a double papacy “with an active member and a contemplative member,” Francis and Benedict, “almost a shared ministry.”

Now, that there could be two popes in the Catholic Church, of different profiles but still more than one, is something that expert theologians and canonists like Geraldina Boni and Carlo Fantappiè judge as not only unheard-of but “aberrant,” as well as being a source of conflicts.

But there is more. Violi even theorizes the hypothetical superiority of the “contemplative” pope over the “active,” in that he is closer to the example of Jesus who despoiled himself of everything, even his divinity.

And then it is not at all true that the distinction of roles between Francis and Benedict is so clear.

Ratzinger has repeatedly broken the silence that he had foreshadowed after his resignation. Roughly ten times already he has said or written something in public, each time requiring the study of what is or is not in accord between him and the magisterium of the “active” pope.

For example when, in the interval between the two synods on the family, Ratzinger retracted his youthful ideas in favor of communion for the divorced and remarried and rewrote the exact opposite, in a sort of preemptive contestation of “Amoris Laetitia.”

In the magisterium of Francis ambiguity triumphs, but the “papacy emeritus” of Benedict is an unsolved enigma, too.


Coincidence Detected

Anna Lindh
During the final weeks of her life she was involved in the pro-euro campaign preceding the Swedish referendum on the euro, held on 14 September 2003 (three days after her death). As a popular pro-euro politician, she was a spokesperson for the campaign; her face was on billboards across Sweden the day she was murdered.

Lindh died in the early morning of 11 September 2003 after a knife attack in Stockholm on the afternoon of 10 September. Just after 4 pm, she was attacked while shopping in the ladies' section of the Nordiska Kompaniet department store in central Stockholm. Lindh was shopping for new clothes for a televised debate later that night on the referendum about Sweden's adoption of the euro (which she supported). She was stabbed in the chest, abdomen and arms. At the time of the attack, Lindh was not protected by bodyguards from the Swedish Security Service;

After denying all involvement Mijailović confessed to the crime on 6 January 2004, providing a full account of the events of 10 September in an extra session of police questioning requested by Peter Althin (Mijailović's counsel). He was found guilty in a trial held from 14 to 17 January, and after a psychiatric evaluation was sentenced to life imprisonment on 23 March. On 8 July an appeals court overturned Mijailović's sentence (after tests concluded he was mentally ill at the time of the murder), and Mijailović was transferred to a secure psychiatric ward. Prosecutors appealed to the Supreme Court of Sweden, which reinstated his sentence to life imprisonment on 2 December of that year. Mijailović renounced his Swedish citizenship, and has unsuccessfully requested to be transferred to Serbia.

Lindh was an outspoken campaigner for Sweden to join the Eurozone in the referendum held on 14 September 2003. After the attack, all euro-campaign events were immediately cancelled. Television campaign advertisements were withdrawn, and all TV stations in Sweden halted commercials from the evening on the 10th through the 11th to help the public-service channels of SVT report news. TV3 merged its programming with ZTV and TV8, airing Efterlyst (a program similar to America's Most Wanted) for people to send information directly to the police to help find the murderer. All campaign advertising on billboards was removed and advertising in printed media cancelled. The murder was seen as an attack on Sweden's open society, requiring unity rather than political campaigning.

Following a midday meeting on 12 September by prime minister Göran Persson and the leaders of the other political parties in the Riksdag, the decision was made not to let Lindh's murder affect the referendum. Information and resources on the referendum's issues would be fully available, but no political campaigning or debate would take place. Party leaders unanimously pledged support for the ballot as planned, and to abide by its result. Despite speculation that sympathy for Lindh could influence the voting, the euro was rejected in the referendum. Following her death, junior foreign affairs minister Jan O. Karlsson was appointed acting minister for foreign affairs. In October of that year Laila Freivalds was appointed the successor to Lindh's cabinet post.

Jo Cox suspect bought gun guides from US neo-Nazis, group claims
The man arrested over the killing of the MP Jo Cox bought books from a US-based neo-Nazi group, including guides on how to build homemade guns and explosives, according an anti-hate campaign group in the US.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published receipts that appeared to show Thomas Mair bought, among other books, a manual on how to make a homemade pistol from the National Alliance.
Jo Cox attack: UK police search for motive day after lawmaker's killing
The killing has muted the tone of public discussions over the referendum, which has focused heavily on immigration. It put the brakes on official campaigning, with both sides suspending activities out of respect for Cox, just as they had begun to ratchet up their arguments in the final leg of the race. The BBC canceled a TV debate on the referendum scheduled for Friday night.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Economist Notices A Red Pill

Balls to all that
W. BRADFORD WILCOX, an academic at the University of Virginia who holds robust views on the benefits of marriage for adults and children, is used to sparking debates. But, after publishing a video about the economics of marriage, he was surprised to field criticism online from a character called “Turd Flinging Monkey”. In his own 15-minute broadcast, the chimp equated marriage to slavery. TFM, as he’s sometimes called for short, is a YouTube character created by a disciple of the Men Going Their Own Way movement. An online fraternity, MGTOW believe that marriage fails basic cost-benefit analysis. Why sacrifice sexual freedom for a wife who may later divorce you and take your children and assets? Better to eschew “gynocentric” conventions in favour of self-sovereignty, the logic goes.
Overall the article is balanced (for a progressive view) and the main critic sees the decline in marriage as the problem, but The Economist gives away it's bias in the subheader which agrees with the feminist quoted in the piece: The rebalancing of the sexes has spawned 21st-century misogyny.

The real story is the gatekeepers can no longer control The Narrative. They looked at a fringe of the Dark Enlightenment and had a little freak out, felt the need to let their readers know some bad think is going on in some corners of the Internet. God help them when they stare into the center.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Assertive Assimilate, The Passive Are Assimilated

How Beijing Turned Koreans Into Chinese

Millions of Koreans live in China, mostly in the Northeast near the North Korean border.
Given such a strong Korean influence on the region, it may seem logical that of Jilin’s ethnic Korean population many (if not most) would identify with one or both of the Koreas. Ethnic Koreans are, after all, described in Korean as tongpo; brethren abroad, compatriots borne of one ethnicity but living beyond the borders of their native land.

However, while this characterization generally holds true for older Chinese Koreans, in particular those who fled across the border to North Korea during the famine years of the Great Leap Forward and the mayhem of the Cultural Revolution, it is by no means applicable to the youngest generation. For them, the contemporary connection with South Korea is little more than functional, while that with North Korea barely exists at all.

Having grown up in the era of China’s rise, at a time when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has shown very little practical interest in the preservation of ethnic minority cultures and devoted a great deal of attention to forging some kind of “unified” Chinese identity, today’s youth of Yanbian identify as resolutely Chinese. In this brave new world, the pull of the “Korean Wave” and South Korean-based education and employment opportunities lack the power to shake China’s national foundations.
Extensive nationalist education since the 1990s worked in China. The young Koreans want to identify as Chinese, and they all hate Japan.

A cuckservative is like an old Korean in China who may lament the youth abandoning their identity. But while the Koreans may feel it more deeply, as long as they don't intermarry, proximity to Korea will eventually pull another generation back to their roots.

Ideology is nowhere near as secure as identity. In the GOP, the cuckservative doesn't realize the youth have been assimilated into the Cathedral or alt-right. The cuckservative don't realize the demographic shift entails a permanent political shift that subsumes ideology. The cuckservative thinks 2016 is an aberration and a return to normal is possible. It is not. One only needs to look at the falling stature of Paul Ryan to understand the base is gone. The grassroots are never coming back. Most of the GOPe and cuckservatives will be assimilated by either the Cathedral or alt-right.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Patriarchy Returns to London as Feminists Converge on Burka

Islam won't fail its shit test with feminists. The feminists will increasingly adopt Islamic dress codes with every turn of the ratchet. They will all be in burkas in 20 years if nothing is done to arrest the trend.

England will have few feminists, but a big Islam problem. Then comes the choice laid out by Houellebecq. Does the right shift from anti-Islam to pro-Islam? If not, and Islam is eventually kicked out of England, do all the collaborators get kicked out too? The left hid its communist sympathies and worked covertly to subvert the West, but they openly ally with Muslims against Western civilization.

Daily Caller: London’s Muslim Mayor Bans Sexy Women In Advertisements

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Shooting May Be Final Straw for Progressive Amygdala

Cognitive dissonance: the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

War vs Crazy

Friday, June 10, 2016

Zika: The Fertility Killer

Delay Pregnancy in Areas With Zika, W.H.O. Suggests
People living in areas where the Zika virus is circulating should consider delaying pregnancy to avoid having babies with birth defects, the World Health Organization has concluded.

The advice affects millions of couples in 46 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean where Zika transmission is occurring or expected. According to a recent study, more than five million babies are born each year in parts of the Western Hemisphere where the mosquitoes known to spread the virus are found.

At the moment, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands and American Samoa are the only parts of the United States with local transmission of the virus. But clusters of cases are expected to appear in Florida and along the Gulf Coast this summer.
This disease is a perfect r/K virus. Those who are best able to plan and delay a pregnancy are the K-selected. The r-selected lack the ability to plan and cannot control their bodies.

The rate of birth defects isn't likely to be terribly high, with only 1,500 cases so far in Brazil. (Though with the disease not well understood, there may be as yet unseen brain damage in far more.) When r-selected outbreed K, it is similar to having braindamaged Ks at the societal level. What Zika infection does to the brain of a baby, Zika avoidance does to the population.

Zika will not reach the land of the ice and snow. And winter, fortuitously, is coming.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

California Dreamin

The California Senate Race War will be a face-off between the Democrat female Obama Kamala Harris and Democrat female Hispanic Loretta Sanchez.

Hillary Clinton will say nice things about both of the. How wonderful, there are two progressive women of color for voters to choose! She cannot endorse one over the other without risking voter backlash.

Trump has no risk. He will come out in favor of Loretta Sanchez. Hispanics love Trump! Blacks love Trump too! But Sanchez is the better candidate. She agrees with Trump on the border, she also has repeatedly said 20% of Muslims support terrorism.

With GOP support and strong Hispanic support, Sanchez will win. Harris will need Hillary Clinton to counter a Trump endorsement (even if Sanchez rejects it).

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

California Senate Race War

Democrats Harris, Sanchez advance to California Senate election
Democrats Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez finished first and second in California's Senate primary, setting up a Democrat-versus-Democrat general election clash for retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer's seat.

Harris, the state attorney general, had 40 percent of the vote with 47 percent of precincts reporting when the Associated Press called the all-party, top-two primary. Sanchez, a House member from Orange County, had 17 percent of the vote.

The leading Republican contender, Duf Sundheim, had 9 percent. Sundheim and 11 other Republicans split thousands of votes among them, locking their party out of the Senate race in the nation's most populous state.

The primary results guarantee that Boxer's seat will stay in the hands of a Democratic woman. Sanchez is vying to be the first Latina senator, while Harris would be just the second African-American woman elected to the Senate.
Harris is the Obama pick and Sanchez already started making overtures to GOP voters, but this race could get interesting. There's no getting around reality though: identity politics is the new order in California.

Establishment Thought Leaders

Dump the G.O.P. for a Grand New Party
America needs a healthy two-party system. America needs a healthy center-right party to ensure that the Democrats remain a healthy center-left party. America needs a center-right party ready to offer market-based solutions to issues like climate change. America needs a center-right party that will support common-sense gun laws. America needs a center-right party that will support common-sense fiscal policy. America needs a center-right party to support both free trade and aid to workers impacted by it. America needs a center-right party that appreciates how much more complicated foreign policy is today, when you have to manage weak and collapsing nations, not just muscle strong ones.
1995 called, it wants its op-ed back.

Progressive Myths Come Undone

The myth of female achievement
It's a little embarrassing when one's knowledge doesn't even rise to the level of Wikipedia. While I knew she had a male "co-pilot", (and assumed that he'd done the takeoff and landing), I had no idea that Amelia Earheart didn't actually do any flying in her trip across the Atlantic in her landmark "flight".

After Charles Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927, Amy Phipps Guest (1873–1959) expressed interest in being the first woman to fly (or be flown) across the Atlantic Ocean. After deciding the trip was too perilous for her to undertake, she offered to sponsor the project, suggesting they find "another girl with the right image." While at work one afternoon in April 1928, Earhart got a phone call from Capt. Hilton H. Railey, who asked her, "Would you like to fly the Atlantic?"

The project coordinators (including book publisher and publicist George P. Putnam) interviewed Earhart and asked her to accompany pilot Wilmer Stultz and copilot/mechanic Louis Gordon on the flight, nominally as a passenger, but with the added duty of keeping the flight log. The team departed Trepassey Harbor, Newfoundland in a Fokker F.VIIb/3m on June 17, 1928, landing at Pwll near Burry Port, South Wales, exactly 20 hours and 40 minutes later.[50] There is a commemorative blue plaque at the site.[51] Since most of the flight was on "instruments" and Earhart had no training for this type of flying, she did not pilot the aircraft. When interviewed after landing, she said, "Stultz did all the flying—had to. I was just baggage, like a sack of potatoes." She added, "...maybe someday I'll try it alone."

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Way to Stop Hitler Is to Do Exactly Like Weimar Germany

Progressives cannot stop signaling, and this is why progressivism will burn itself down. The #cuckservative is trying to stop the signaling spiral, but the #cuckservative is Hitler (as opposed to Trump being literally Hitler), so don't listen to them.

The lesson of Weimar Germany is the left should stop destroying the culture, tradition, economy. Pull back a bit, slow down the change, even reverse it a bit. Normally the #cuckservative would play this role, but they accelerated too quickly, scared the frog, and now the frogs and starting to think they might want out of the pot.

Is This the West’s Weimar Moment?
Setting aside debate about whether the rise of Nazism was built into the German DNA, there were four trends that led the country to reject its post-World War I constitutional, parliamentary democracy, known as the Weimar Republic: economic depression, loss of trust in institutions, social humiliation and political blunder. To a certain degree, these trends can be found across the West today.

First, the history. The Black Friday stock-market collapse of 1929 set off a global depression. As bad as things were in America, they were even worse in Germany, where industrial production shrank by half in the following three years. Stocks lost two-thirds of their value. Deflation and unemployment rocked the country. The Weimar government, already held in low esteem by many Germans, seemed to have no clue about what to do.

All this happened as traditional ways of life and values were being shaken by the modernization of the 1920s. Women suddenly went to work, to vote, to party and to sleep with whomever they wanted. This produced a widening cultural gap between the tradition-oriented working and middle classes and the cosmopolitan avant-garde — in politics, business and the arts — that reached a peak just when economic disaster struck. The elites were blamed for the resulting chaos, and the masses were ripe for a strongman to return order to society.
In the mind of a progressive, everything that actually caused the rise of Hitler is good, the problem is when the public reacts to progressivism, it needs to be put down with force. Yet, if it is impossible to unseat the elites through peaceful means and they use force (throwing out election results, conspiring to deny the largest party political power, jailing opposition leaders, etc.), while at the same time accelerating their agenda, then logic predicts an opposition dedicated to the use of force will eventually arise.

World Star Hip Hop Celebrates Bathroom Bill

With the tranny bill, no doubt many people may now think it is "safe" to use the restroom of the opposite sex. But all the bathroom bill does is say nobody can stop you from going in. It doesn't protect anyone from what happens next. Normal guys aren't going to enter the ladies room, but predators and criminals and prostitutes have no shame.

'Bathroom Bill' Advances in Massachusetts

Universities Have Deep Pockets

The good, the bad and the Donald: Documents paint conflicting portraits of Trump U
Ronald Schnackenberg, a former sales manager at Trump University for seven months in 2006 and 2007, described the business as one that “preyed on the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money.” He said he knew of instructors who were not well educated in real estate — one, he said, had a background in jewelry making.
Universities prey on the young and uneducated, to separate them from their money. I know of instructors who are not well educated, some mainly have backgrounds in communist indoctrination.
Speakers at the seminars told attendees to raise their credit card limits to be better positioned to buy real estate, with the real goal to up their limits to buy the next and more expensive level of seminar, Schnackenberg said.
Speakers at university information sessions always talk about debt, the need for lots and lots of debt, but they say it is worth it because college graduates earn more money.
Another former sales employee, Jason Nicholas, said in a declaration that “the Trump University instructors and mentors were a joke.… They were unqualified people posing as Donald Trump’s ‘right-hand men.’ They were teaching methods that were unethical and they had little to no experience flipping properties or doing real estate deals. It was a facade, a lie.”
Sound like any professors you know?
Martin said that the majority of customers had positive experiences with Trump University, and that those perceptions were reflected in the documents and in surveys — also part of the record — that show high satisfaction.

“Trump University looks forward to using this evidence, along with much more, to win when the case is brought before a jury,” Martin said. A trial date in one lawsuit is set for November, after the election.
Universities spend a lot of money on building their brand and the consumer experience. Most customers leave the university feeling as if they are a part of the brand. Most students would say they had a good experience. Trump University needed a football team and keggers.

I prefer to live in a world where the "reasonable man" standard is in effect. Maybe we can't have a "reasonable man" standard with falling general intelligence, but Trump University was obviously not a university, and anyone who thought so is an idiot. Similarly, majors such as women's studies are obviously bullshit and anyone who takes them is an idiot. The old joke was about art school, but at least art school actually taught art. If you spent 4 years at art school, but lack creativity, it isn't the fault of the art school. On the other hand, if you spend 4 years in women's studies, no one expects you to know anything of value. I'm struggling to come up with something worse than 4 years of that. Certainly 4 years working at McDonald's would be a superior experience. 4 years in prison would be better.

If Trump University is a fraud because of idiots, then nearly every university in America in engaged in a far greater fraud. The time and money spent on university education far exceeds the amounts at Trump U. While Trump likes to speak of his wealth, his liquid net worth is probably in the very low billions. Harvard and Yale University have over $20 billion in liquid assets, and that's before you even consider the value of their brand and other assets they could borrow against to pay a judgement. Finding a litigant might be difficult, but then again who takes women's studies courses? Not the mentally stable. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The Trump U case will prime the public for university fraud, and Mr. Trump has also been shockingly concise and on target with his attacks on universities. They are a scam to separate students from their money; rising spending does not translate into rising earnings for students, it translates into rising salaries for university administrators. All students get is a pile of debt.

You earn 15 credits, and what do you get?
Another semester older and deeper in debt.
St. Peter won't you help me dig outta this hole,
The Cathedral's got my money, now they want my soul.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Cowen Attemps to Redefine Neoreaction

Cowen is now either in full Straussian mode or he is having his reaction to the alt-right and dubbing it neoreaction. The Straussian reading, based on how he trolls his readers on occasion, is that the post is inviting a flood of actual neoreactionaries to comment and respond to his post, which is mostly a regurgitation of liberal (classical or not) talking points. If he wants to engage in fully deniable intellectual terrorism of the professoriat he couldn't do much better than this: What is neo-reaction?

No excerpts, it must be enjoyed in full.

This is the most Straussian/troll line:
Fourth, America is global policeman and also the center of world innovation, so it cannot afford the luxury of a declining population, and thus we must find a way to make immigration work.

Trump's candidacy is causing a separation among the conservatives, between what the alt-right would dub the cucks and the rest.

Neoreaction and most of the "dark enlightenment" is an even deeper split.

Whether Cowen is trolling or not, eventually there will be very hard breaks among the right and left if NRx speaks any modicum of truth.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Asessing President Obama's Performance

'Dilbert' Creator Asks "What Exactly Is The Risk Of A Trump Presidency?"
So, how did President Obama do on the job? Was he a good president?

If you have an answer in your head – either yes or no – it proves you don’t know how to make decisions. No judgement can be made about Obama’s performance because there is nothing to which it can be compared. No one else in a parallel universe was president at the same time, doing different things and getting different results.

I’m not a fan of everything our president has done, but I feel as if historians will rank him as one of our best presidents. Definitely in the top 20%.

Wait, what? Am I crazy?

Many of you think Obama nearly destroyed civilization. You and I can’t both be right. But both of us can be irrational in trusting our opinions. We are literally comparing Obama’s actual performance to imagined alternatives that exist only in our minds. Maybe you think the imaginary president in your mind is way better than the real one, whereas I think the real one did well compared to my imaginary alternative.

That isn’t thinking. Science is pretty clear on that.
Obama will be ranked in the middle because he is a president of non-achievement. His signature legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act, will cease to exist if Trump wins in November. If Hillary wins, his position will move higher because laws such as the ACA will stay on the books or form the basis for the next reform.

Obama, along with Bernanke and Yellen, will be credited with preventing the economic collapse, but Obama will be blamed for doing nothing to solve it. No major economic reforms emerged from his administration, not the type that can last for generations. Job growth and other measures were abysmal compared to history. This is likely due to U.S. debt levels and demographics, problems that would have plagued any president, but he did nothing to deal with it.

The U.S. retreat from the world probably began, at least psychologically, with the end of the Cold War. The destruction of U.S. capital in the Middle East post-2001 was enough to accelerate the U.S. exit from the world. President Obama, whatever his goals, engaged in managed decline. By Obama's own admission, his foreign policy was "Don't do stupid shit." From a Machiavellian point of view, Obama's deal with Iran is brilliant for upsetting the balance in the Middle East and turning jihadist energy inward. The women around Obama did a lot of stupid shit in Libya and Egypt, but as far as the Arab Spring, show me where the Bush administration ended and the Obama admin began. As for the spread of jihad into Europe, Merkel bears much of the responsibility.

Obama nominated a couple of SCOTUS judges and he's started some HUD policies aimed at removing minorities from valuable city real estate, but did he do anything worse than what you would have expected of any Democrat president and the natural drift of the Cathedral? Even on big issues such as gay marriage, he "led from behind" and didn't change his opinion until the polls did.

The one area Obama interfered in was race, turning local crime stories into national obsessions. His comment about Cambridge police "acting stupidly" was the beginning of a string of actions peaking with the burning of Ferguson and riots in Baltimore. He was the consummate divide and conquer politician and rarely spoke in unifying themes. Even when traveling overseas, Obama would reach back 800 years to find something negative to say about his is domestic political enemies.

I fail to see McCain or Romney being much better on foreign policy, due to risk of too much action. On the economy, they would have been better, but would it have been healthy growth or debt backed? Both men likely would have pursued an amnesty. Despite Romney's self-deportation comments, his vicious turn on Trump makes his prior position questionable at best.

Here's a progressive list of Obama achievements. THE LIST OF 358 OBAMA ACCOMPLISHMENTS SO FAR, WITH CITATIONS Take out everything that was not done by the permanent state or the private economy and there's no a lot left. He let the permanent state run wild for 8 years, but did little additional work himself. Considering Obama did not lead on the ACA and left it to Congress, even his signature accomplishment looks were. a Republican president would not have reversed the march of progressivism.

Obama is the Yuri Adropov of progressivism. Had Obama died on his first day in office and USG ruled via an extended version of Weekend at Bernie's, the world wouldn't look much different today.

Friday, June 03, 2016

A New People: the White Americans

White tribalism is already accepted as inevitable, the message has even reached MSNBC.

Trump Could Win With Only A Modest Increase In The White Vote

The final statement in that video is about the demographic changes being uncontrollable. They are not.

If you don't want to live in a country with tribal politics, the demographic changes have to be halted and reversed.

The left will become White Nationalist. Trump as tribal leader
This is a very positive development for America, because America is, and always has been, a white Anglo nation. The fact that the political entity has been invaded and that political citizenship has been granted to anyone and everyone with a pulse merely means that the nation has submitted and been oppressed, it doesn't mean that the nation has been changed in any material manner. Playing word games with definitions is the hallmark of those who stand irretrievably opposed to history, science, and reality, and they always wind up losing in the end.

Those who decry "Trumpism" have it entirely backwards. Trump is merely riding the wave of the rise of the birth of a generic white American identity, which like all such identities, is the result of external pressure rather than internal conviction. And that is why it does not matter what he says or does, because unlike so many of his predecessors on both sides of the political aisle, Donald Trump has aligned himself with the white American tribe.

It is long past time for white Americans to follow the lead of the blacks, the Jews, and the Asians, and allow themselves to be guided solely by the principle: is it good for the whites? Serve the nation, not the empire.

As for those who cry for the empire and fear it will be destroyed, yes, that is exactly what will happen. It is not longer fit for purpose. But it is a little late for tears, as its fate was settled in 1965.
If you're a conservative who doesn't want identity politics, you should support a freeze on all immigration except for maybe the truly exceptional talent, deportation of illegals and stripping of birthright citizenship for children of illegals. Deportation well beyond 11 million people. If you do this and this alone, as distasteful as you may find it, you will probably kill off the white identity movement. A serious and permanent rollback of diversity laws, such as no affirmative action except for descendants of American slaves, would probably guarantee success.

If you're a white progressive, take a look at how you fared in San Jose. You were reduced to either supporting violence or more likely saying, "Don't you know you're helping Trump?" and "This is counter productive." Welcome to the sidelines of American politics, you are becoming bystanders. You are on the side of foreigners who don't care a whit about your ideology. For people on the right, there's no longer any point in debating with you. Progressives as an ideological force are going the way of the Birchers if there's no reversal of demographics.

Tribal politics is corrupt. This will lead whites to demand unequal treatment, a return of power so that white majorities can negotiate among themselves in the states. They will demand freedom from anarcho-tyranny and tribal politics. Why should there be TSA security for a white person flying from Vermont to Iowa? Tribal politics is pure democracy, negotiation for what you want. Asking "what is good for whites?" will eventually lead to answers similar to those reached by Southerners in 1860. For the center to hold, power will be devolved. If not, the empire will dissolve.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

The War on Social Capital

Camp Alphaville homework, Pettis edition
The real challenges for China, if you believe in the social capital constraint, are not about maintaining high rates of growth in the short term but rather of raising the levels of social capital in China. This is much more difficult and much more likely to be virulently opposed by the elites whose ability to constrain economic efficiency is precisely at the heart of their wealth – which consists of appropriating resources rather than creating resources – and of their power. It is, however, the only real way to sustain growth over the medium and long terms.
The United States is growing below trend in part because social capital has been destroyed and real capital has been misdirected into malinvestment, or worse, social capital destructive investment. The push for getting more women into technology is an example, not only is the money wasted, but the second-order effects create destruction of value throughout the industry if others buy into the concept and disrupt workplace cohesion. (If feminism is cancer, trolls are chemotherapy. A Twitter bot that responds to all feminist complaints with pictures of sandwiches is a low cost protection of social capital.)

The more pozzed the institution, the faster it will consume its capital and collapse. Bankruptcy happens slowly and then all at once, as in Mizzou and Ferguson.

Social Capital
The term generally refers to (a) resources, and the value of these resources, both tangible (public spaces, private property) and intangible ("actors", "human capital", people), (b) the relationships among these resources, and (c) the impact that these relationships have on the resources involved in each relationship, and on larger groups. It is generally seen as a form of capital that produces public goods for a common good.
Everyone has some amount of social and real capital. Poor people have the least real capital and rely most on social capital. The attack on "white privilege" is an attack on white social capital. For a poor or middle class white on the edge, this threatens their last remaining asset today, creating a sense of urgency. Hence Trump or Sanders. Sanders is the choice of the high time preference because he offers real capital today; for those of moderate time preference Trump offers jobs; for those with low time preference the goal is preservation of social capital and protection of ongoing social capital investment.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

What the Hell Is Going On? Brospace

Over at Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen wants to know What the hell is going on?
Donald Trump may get the nuclear suitcase, a cranky “park bench” socialist took Hillary Clinton to the wire, many countries are becoming less free, and the neo-Nazi party came very close to assuming power in Austria. I could list more such events.

Haven’t you, like I, wondered what is up? What the hell is going on?

I don’t know, but let me tell you my (highly uncertain) default hypothesis. I don’t see decisive evidence for it, but it is a kind of “first blast” attempt to fit the basic facts while remaining within the realm of reason.
The contemporary world is not very well built for a large chunk of males. The nature of current service jobs, coddled class time and homework-intensive schooling, a feminized culture allergic to most forms of violence, post-feminist gender relations, and egalitarian semi-cosmopolitanism just don’t sit well with many…what shall I call them? Brutes?

Quite simply, there are many people who don’t like it when the world becomes nicer. They do less well with nice. And they respond by in turn behaving less nicely, if only in their voting behavior and perhaps their internet harassment as well.

Female median wages have been rising pretty consistently, but the male median wage, at least as measured, was higher back in 1969 than it is today (admittedly the deflator probably is off, but even that such a measure is possible speaks volumes). A lot of men did better psychologically and maybe also economically in a world where America had a greater number of tough manufacturing jobs. They thrived under brutish conditions, including a military draft to crack some of their heads into line.
Society has become so feminized, and censors masculinity to such a degree, that Bernie Bros are disturbing people.

What's odd about the post is that the comment section there is a almost a complete cross section of the entire right, from conservative, to libertarian to alt-right. Cowen does read his own comment section occasionally and he doesn't censor the debate. Cowen also makes Straussian posts. It's possible that entire post is a near verbatim relay of a conversation he had at lunch with a lefty professor, or a troll of left-leaning readers, or bait to bring out all the rightists. It's got over 500 comments already, so if that was the plan, mission accomplished.

Viral Brexit Video

Millenial Woes, Reactionary Expat and Black Pigeon Speaks want to put together a viral Brexit video, and they're looking for footage.

Go here: Brexit viral video



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